Discover the Hot Trends in Rug Design from Industry Leader Momeni

Antique rosy pink, geometric patterns - the sky's the limit in rug design.

By Sarah Clarke


Roses are always a symbol of graceful beauty but team them up with antique charm, and you have one of the hottest trends in rug styles today.


House Tipster’s Media Team talked trends with a 45-year leader of the rug industry, Momeni of Carlstadt, NJ, at The Rug Show in NYC, and came away with a bounty of home-design inspiration.




We were not surprised to hear from Momeni president Reza Momeni that modern abstract art continues to be a big seller for rugs. Contemporary styles have not relinquished their popularity in any aspect of the home market, and modern rugs often provide just the right accent for neutral color schemes.




But the antique rosy pink -- that was an idea we wanted to hear more about.


“We see a lot of people looking for antique rosy pink. That’s been fashionable in the market now,” Momeni told House Tipster.




In addition, traditional colors, like red backgrounds with ivy, and gold hues are dominating the rug world and should not be overlooked, Momeni said.


For patterns, think geometry, even if you never did well in math class. Geometric style is a crowd-pleaser that brings no shortage of variety to rug design.


Momeni’s personal favorite is a geometric pattern rug weaved by hand in Pakistan and born from vegetable dyes. They are washed in the pure water of the rivers, which he said “makes them very special.” Drying in the sun is one of the final steps before the rugs earn their rightful place as the centerpiece of your living room.


Inspiration for Momeni’s antique, one-of-a-kind, and signature rugs comes from around the world – exotic places like India, Pakistan, Nepal, China, and Turkey.  Momeni demonstrates amazing skill at tracking down the most unique rugs to become your home’s design statement.




Not only one-of-the-kind style and quality, but more affordable pricing gives Momeni a competitive edge.


“What puts us apart is, of course, style, decoration, and pricing because we’re very competitive for the price -- we sell in mass volume,” he said.


Being a family-owned business committed to quality means total involvement in ensuring your rug is perfect at each stage.


You name it and Momeni has the rug product to match -- from handmade to machine-generated, oriental to flat weave.




Shopping around for a rug? Momeni is just as varied with its selling approach and makes its rugs available through leading retailers, e-commerce, catalogues, and numerous other venues.


Of all the many ways to purchase a Momeni rug, the fastest growing is e-commerce, reflecting a general retail trend that promises maximum customer convenience.


Momeni Rugs has come a long way since 1975 when founder Haji Momeni began providing high-quality, exceptional rugs door to door.


No longer limited to fine Persian rugs, Momeni has become a leading manufacturer and importer of fine area rugs, floor coverings, and accessories.


For news and more information, check out Momeni on social media and at

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