DesignMilk Interviews DXV at IDS Vancouver

We were lucky enough to sit in on the exclusive interview between DesignMilk and DXV. Here’s what we learned.

By Dan Glennzig


Bathroom and kitchen fixtures are all too often thought of as a household necessity. But today, more and more homeowners are looking past the standard, “average” faucets, sinks, tubs, and shower heads of yesteryear and focusing on the future of fixtures.


And these emerging fixtures have modern design elements written all over them.


Here at House Tipster, we believe that companies such as DXV, a subsidiary of LIXIL, are paving a new road for this ever-growing, modern, high-end portion of the home design industry. Thankfully, we were lucky, not only to see some of DXV’s newest and more innovative fashion bath designs to date, but to be there for the exclusive interview between Jean-Jacques L’Henaff, vice president of Design at DXV and American Standard, and Jaime Derringer, founder and editor of the online modern design magazine





The engaging conversation between Jaime and Jean-Jacques occurred at none other than the 2017 Interior Design Show Vancouver. During this time, we learned about DXV’s design process and their newest collection.


By the end of the session, we just knew you’d fall in love with these designs as much as we did.


The Design Process

Based in the NYC area, DXV is dedicated to using classic and modern elements in functional pieces throughout the home. The result is a product line with timeless elegance and a modern flare, led by Jean-Jacques and the premier design panel at DXV.


According to Jean-Jacques, architecture is the main inspiration behind most of DXV’s designs. By combining functional, necessary elements with straight lines and modern forms seen in buildings and landscapes around the world, DXV is creating fixtures for the kitchen and bath that we didn’t see on the market just a decade ago.


At DXV, they call it “fashion plumbing” and we feel like that’s the best way to describe each of their four major collections.



DXV’s newest collection is aptly named “Modulus” based on the special composition and versatility of each component.


Jean-Jacques was the lead designer for this particular series, which he says was inspired by modern American architecture. There are three elements in each of the products in the “Modulus” collection:


  • Functionality
  • Modality
  • Fashion elements


The fashion element was what Jean-Jacques was most proud of, stating he knew he needed to add a little extra “zing” to each design so they stand out. But functionality was also essential. Before they even started the process of creating Modulus, the entire design team looked at the many parts of the lavatory, compared how both the dry and wet areas were used, and based their products off of this knowledge.


One of the standout aspects of DXV’s display at the Interior Design Show Vancouver was the addition of several models donning headpieces made of DXV’s bathroom accessories, including their perennially popular towel rings. Also, the design team put together an elaborate jewelry collection based on their accessory designs to commemorate the launch of Modulus.





Sanctuary Status

Fashionable, artistic special touches are what make DXV products so swoon-worthy. From customizable rings, like the ones worn by the models, to the variations in materials, DXV designs are created to work in virtually any bathroom or kitchen in North America and overseas in  Europe.


When you invest in DXV’s products, you’re gearing your bathroom up to become a true sanctuary.


If clean modern lines, functional sensibilities, and high-end elements are what you desire in your bathroom, then connect with DXV  to stay updated on Modulus’ introduction to the fashion bath market in 2018.


Special thanks to Jean-Jacques and Jaime for their insight.

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