Day 4 Recap: Las Vegas Market

We have one day left to find the best brands and products you need for your own home.

By Bea Elle


What happens in Vegas isn’t staying in Vegas, at least for this week! The designs we’ve seen over a number of categories including furniture, home decor, gifts, and bedding are bound to be heading to the shelves of your nearest retailer in the very near future.


While the thrill and excitement of Market hasn’t yet worn off since Day 1, our House Tipster team has finally gotten the lay of the land (which, after all, encompasses over 5 million square feet!) and we’ve been eagerly talking with some of our favorite vendors and manufacturers from across the US and abroad.


Below, you’ll see some highlights of our favorite exhibitions and interviewees from Day 4 of the Summer 2017 Las Vegas Market. 


Nick Alain

Nick Alain, the founder and creative genius behind the Nick Alain furniture and design company, was chock-full of information about his company and products. We were taken by Nick’s focus on using worldly designs but manufacturing them here on US soil in Miami.




After a quick glimpse at his line, we noticed his designs didn’t focus on one type of material. Instead, he uses a mixture of metals, wood, glass, and upholstery to tell a story through his furnishings and accessories.


The inspiration behind every product comes from Nick’s travels abroad. Most recently, he came back from an extended stay in Moscow where he took notice of the architecture and the art-deco styles of the city. You’ll see a lot of that influence in his line moving forward.




Although he’s focused on reaching east coast-based markets in the past, Nick Alain is now heading west. We’re sure you’ll be seeing a lot more from Nick in the near future.


Browse the Nick Alain collection of elaborate lighting, furniture, and accessories here.


Loloi Rugs: Austin Craley

If you’re a fan of rug collaborations from your favorite designers and celebrities then there’s a chance you’re already introduced to Loloi Rugs. We spoke with Austin Craley, VP of Sales for Loloi who filled us in on all the great partnerships and products they’ve been creating over the years.




The first collection we looked at was the licensed collection from Ellen DeGeneres. According to Austin, Ellen has been very active in the design process for her line, which includes not just rugs, but pillows and throws. Although the line just launched in January, sales have been through the roof! 


Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines also works closely with Loloi for her Magnolia Home rug collection. The line is true to her style and she’s worked diligently to ensure the price point is reasonable for her audience.




Throughout the Loloi product catalog,  you’ll notice a lot of oversized pieces that are upwards of 12’x18’, high-end, and hand knotted. If you have “champagne taste on a beer budget,” you’re bound to find something you love from Loloi Rugs.


The 2017 Catalog is available online, so window shop to your heart’s desire.



Karastan is one of the most popular rug companies here in the US, so we were excited to speak with Kent Wilkins and get the scoop on their latest and greatest designs.




According to Kent, as more homeowners switch over to hardwood and tile floors, the demand from area rugs increases. They’ve taken note of that trend over at Karastan and are in the process of modernizing their line to meet consumer demand. Yes, Karastan has been known for their traditional designs in the past, but everything we saw today was definitely verging on transitional.


For the eco-friendly buyer, Karstan offers Smartstrand, a renewably sourced polymer.  In some of their newest rugs, they’re combining the Smartstrand technology with sustainable New Zealand wool and the result is nothing short of extraordinary.




Karastan rugs are found at many furniture and carpet stores such as Macy’s. To find a retailer, follow this link.


Jaipur Living

Thanks to Matt Peterson of Jaipur Living, we learned a lot about the current state of the rug and carpet industry. We had no idea that people were going crazy over outdoor rugs, but according to Matt, they sure are.




Jaipur has seen a significant increase in sales in their outdoor rug and pillow collection, which is made from hand-hooked polypropylene. They’re even learning that consumers are loving their outdoor rugs so much, they’re using them indoors as well!


The majority of these rugs are imported straight from their factories in India.




Similar to other rug and carpet companies we’ve talked with here at Market, Jaipur also collaborates with designers, including Nikki Chu and Kate Spade. Both lines are high-end and remarkably versatile for any room in a home.


Most products sold under Jaipur are found on their website, but you can also browse their online catalog here


Classic Home: Thomas Andonian

If a generic, traditional piece of furniture or decor doesn’t cut it for you, look no further than Classic Home.  “Our best selling product for the past 3 seasons has been the bicycle console made of repurposed bikes. We hit on this style accidentally and the response has been incredible,” says Thomas Andonian of Classic Home.




Yes, you read that right—bicycles! They actually come from scrap yards in India and make for the perfect conversation piece for any home or business, for that matter.


Classic Home is all about creating eclectic, different, fun new products made of practically anything. Concrete is currently everywhere throughout their product line, as well as reclaimed wood, stone, and metal.


Here at Market, they’re introducing their ever-expanding line of stylized office furniture, including 15 new desk styles.


Whether you’re looking for one-of-a-kind or just some-of-a-kind pieces (Thomas’s words, not ours!) check out the Classic Home lifestyle galleries on their website.



Codarus, a sales management group, runs showrooms across the country in Las Vegas, High Point, Atlanta, Dallas, and Laguna. What sets them apart from the crowd is, you guessed it, their collaborations.




The latest collection, called Handley Drive, is the brainchild of creative director Rick Janecek. He infuses details, including glitzy hardware into lighting, furniture, and other accessories.


Budding art collectors should check out their Finn and Ivy line, which is aimed for the newer art collector at a lower price-point. However, quality is definitely not lacking as you’ll notice with the detailed framing and matting options.


Most of the products sold by Codarus are cross-category, meaning there’s something for everyone. “No matter your aesthetic, you can find something you love.”




Visit one of the Codarus showrooms in Atlanta, Vegas, High Point or Dallas to check out their latest designs.


Are you “Marketed-out” yet? We hope not! We have one day left to find the best brands and products you need for your own home.



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