Day 3 Recap: Las Vegas Market

Over the past three days, the Summer 2017 Las Vegas Market has consumed our House Tipster team in the best way possible.

By Przemysław Kozieł


In just 72 hours, we’ve talked with world-class designers, knowledgeable brand representatives, and eager retailers. We’ve learned a lot more than we could have ever imagined about emerging trends in home decorations and furniture. And we’ve had a blast making new friends and meeting up with old ones here at World Market Center Las Vegas.


If you love learning about and browsing new trends in home design, then check out these amazing companies we had the pleasure of interviewing during Day 3 of Las Vegas Market.


Home Trends & Design

There’s been a huge increase in the consumer demand for wood according to Warren Clark, visual projects and marketing director at Austin, Texas-based furniture manufacturer Home Trends & Design.




But unlike many furniture companies, Home Trends & Design doesn’t import their products. They design and create them from scratch. Not only does this ensure retailers and the end-buyer gets a top-notch piece of furniture, but it also means that many furniture pieces are completely customizable.


Warren filled us in on Home Trends & Design’s custom slab offerings, a favorite feature among retailers and designers. With this program, the buyer can pick and choose unique slabs of wood sourced sustainably from all over the world. Then, they select a finish and base to complete the process.


Along with their custom options, Home Trends & Design also works with a team of in-house designers to bring their ideas to life. Currently, they’re using mixed media in many new designs. You’ll love the combinations of wood and metal, concrete and wood, and concrete and metal, to name a few.




We also appreciated the bring metallic finishes they used throughout their product line, namely zinc and antique gold.


It was great meeting Warren and learning about everything Home Trends & Design brings to the industry. To shop their wares, find a retailer here.




Three Hands Corporation

Since 1979, Three Hands Corporation has been offering the world fashion-forward home decor at reasonable prices. During Day 3, we spoke with Arden Yerelek of Three Hands about all the trends his company is focusing on this season.




Across the board, we’ve heard that customers love mixed media, and Three Hands is noticing the same trends. In response, they’re using a lot of galvanized metal and wood combinations throughout their collections.




One of the highlights of Three Hand’s exhibit was their ceramics featuring drip glazes, which are bound to add color and life to any room. If you’re into more subdued, coastal hues, then check out their sandstone vases.


Three Hands has showrooms in Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.





Rugs exhibitors are everywhere here at Market, but we think Chanda offers something unique to the industry.




What makes Chandra special? Maybe it’s because this small, family-owned and operated business crafts everything by hand. Or maybe it’s because they produce the vast majority of wools and fabrics themselves.


Either way, their designs are phenomenal, and the craftsmanship is incomparable.




“We care about the spirit of involving humans, not machines [in the process],” according to Gabby, Chandra’s Market representative.


Aside from Market, Chandra runs full-time, permanent showrooms in Las Vegas and High Point.




CDI Furniture

Collaboration is key for CDI Furniture. This manufacturer and supplier of furniture from Montreal, Canada offers an impressive array of lifestyle decor, from chandeliers and other light fixtures to sofas, shelving, beds, and more.




Here at Market, we talked with three members of CDI Furniture’s team: Creative Director Omar, Product Development and Marketing Director Jonathan, and CEO David. Through them, we learned about CDI Furniture’s beginnings in 2000 as well as their introduction to the US market five years ago.


CDI Furniture brings something new to the table here at Market. Sure, they’re known for their avant garde designs. But they’re also regularly collaborating with both U.S. and Canada-based designers. If you get a chance to browse their online product list, then you’ll immediately notice that CDI uses a lot of recycled and reclaimed wood. In fact, it was just about three years ago that they introduced the Earth Collection, which uses the lines of natural wood. While this is a big seller for CDI, they dabble in several design schemes that cater to different demographics from Millennials to Baby Boomers.




Not surprisingly, CDI Furniture is finding that mixed media sells in today’s market, so they’re continuing to introduce new combinations of marble, metal, and wood into the products they create.


Here at Market, we got a glimpse of their new line of chandeliers, tribal-themed pillows, and a slew of new wood furniture products. It’s safe to say there’s a design for anyone in CDI’s collections.




Alder & Tweed

Ryan Humphrey of home outfitters Alder & Tweed describes his company as modern and sophisticated. Yet, it’s also a down-home family-run business based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Interestingly, Alder & Tweed Furniture also operates an interior design firm (also called Alder & Tweed), which helps to inspire their work.




Every item in the Alder & Tweed’s furniture line has a stylish, designer-oriented finish made with the end-customer in mind. Most are designed for dining and living areas. But, to be honest, this isn’t your grandma’s dining room chair.


After browsing their 18 new products shown exclusively here at Market, we noticed that they favor lighter colored woods and soft, natural-looking fabrics on their furniture. If you’re in the market for a sofa or section, Alder & Tweed’s Grant Sectional is a sure bet.




Where can you find Alder & Tweed’s beautiful creations? Ryan tells us they sell to both boutiques and mass retail stores domestically and internationally. Start your search by browsing their online collections here.




During Day 3, we also spoke with Paige and Smoot Hull of The Vintage Round Top and Tara Bahri from Abbyson. Be on the lookout for these articles as well as more in-depth coverage, special features, and exclusive interviews from Day 4 of Las Vegas Market.



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