Cyan Design Follows Passions, Not Trends

Cyan Design is all about creating “happy” products to make you and your home feel tranquil and joyful.

By Janice Harris


Cyan Design is one of our favorite decoration and accessory sources. After finally meeting with Cyan reps at the summer 2017 Las Vegas Market, Cyan Design has remained on our radar because of their vast product selection and universally appealing designs. In an industry that always seems to push the trends toward bolder, darker hues, we appreciate Cyan Design’s focus on cool colors and intricate touches.


Under the leadership of Aaron Johnson, creative director for Cyan Design, the company has expanded in both size and scope since they began a mere 13 years ago. At High Point Market, where we recently had the pleasure of speaking with Aaron, we learned even more about Cyan Design and the more than 300 new products they’re introducing to the world of home design and decor.


Aaron was an excellent source of information and inspiration for House Tipster’s Media Team, and we feel you’ll appreciate his passion for Cyan Design as well. Here are some of the highlights from our conversation with Aaron.




A Happy Company

At the very start of our chat, we asked Aaron to describe Cyan, and he definitely delivered.


“We’re a bright, shiny, happy company,” he told us. Employees use this cheerful philosophy throughout the entire product development process, and the result is a collection filled with light, airy colors and whimsical designs.




Aaron takes all that exuberance and raises it a notch or two himself.


“Everything I design is based on humor,” he says. “If we’re going to do something, I do it from a happy point of view.”




Once they design an item, they send the plans to one of their manufacturing centers where Aaron and his team collaborate to ensure the end product meets their ultimate goal: to provide a value-based product that’s artistically driven and fits in any environment.


The creative capacity of the factories is definitely commendable, and Aaron agrees.


“These factories have an immensely creative staff,” he says. “Sometimes, I give them a product that may test their limits and, in the process, we come up with interesting, innovative things.”


More Than Lighting

Lighting was the first product Cyan focused on designing over a decade ago. Today, they’re still renowned for their innovative and creative lighting product line, which includes some of the most sculptural and beautiful pieces in the industry. Aaron plays a significant role in designing some of Cyan’s most popular light fixtures, including a collection with a Murano-quality glass that’s second-to-none.


Just don’t ask him what his favorite design is. “That’s like choosing your favorite kid,” he joked.




The shift from lighting into home decor happened rather swiftly and organically. “We didn’t just want to focus on lighting,” Aaron explains. “We wanted to do everything [for the home].”


Tables, chairs, home décor, wall art… Cyan Design is mastering it all with a sure sense of style and identity.




Fueling the Inspiration

Since the line is so sunny, we wanted to get a better idea of the inspiration and trends fueling Aaron’s work at Cyan.


“I draw inspiration from fashion, fine art, and architecture,” Aaron says.


In describing one of his latest designs in the Ithaca light series, Aaron drew inspiration from a draping necklace his wife found while shopping one day. It’s these little touches that make Cyan products so beautiful and appealing.




Color is another element that can’t be forgotten.


Aaron says, “We love color! We’ve been about color for the very beginning.”




Blue is, of course, a very important color for Cyan Design, but Cyan doesn’t necessarily follow the trends when it comes to color.


“We follow a zeitgeist approach to color and try not to be trend-oriented,” says Aaron.


Even if they don’t necessarily “think” about color, they manage to stay fashionable!


When asked why light colors and easygoing products are trending this season, Aaron offers a possible explanation: “I’m not sure if it’s the political climate or just what’s going on in the world right now, but I’m seeing home decor that’s very light and bright. There’s a level of tranquility in the environment right now that’s quite new.”




Aaron’s parting tip for homeowners looking to add decor to their home was simple and very practical.


“Follow the heart,” he says. “Gravitate toward things you love. Don’t be trend-oriented.”


Sounds good to us!




Remember, Cyan Design does lighting and so much more. Check out their product list, which includes hand-embellished pillows with luxurious down-free inserts and a new line of printed rugs.

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