Create an Ergonomic Desk with MOVI Workspace

With the MOVI Workspace electric riser, you can convert your current desk into a standing desk in a matter of seconds.

By Janice Harris


You’ve heard it before: sitting down at a desk all day isn’t a healthy way to live. In fact, research has shown if you sit for extended periods of time, you’re prone to high blood pressure, excess weight gain, and high cholesterol.


But what happens if you have a desk job? Is there a way to avoid the dreadful side effects of a sedentary work life without quitting your job?


Absolutely, thanks to companies like MOVI Workspace.


We’ve seen a number of convertible desks over the years here at House Tipster, but the MOVI Workspace adds something different to the market. We met Daniel Angelini, the brains behind MOVI Workspace at the NeoCon East commercial design conference in Philadelphia, PA. He helped explain the inspiration behind MOVI and we also got to see the exclusive product months before it’s set to hit the market.




Whether you work from home or at the office, MOVI Workspace is the ideal tool to help keep you healthy, active, and engaged throughout the workday.


MOVI Workspace Origins

Daniel designed the MOVI product based on health research. As he learned more about the health issues that arise from sitting at a desk all day, Daniel was determined to find a product to help offset these risks.


Of course, standing desks were a great option but the products out there weren’t what he was looking for. “I tried a lot of products on the market,” Daniel explained to the House Tipster media team. “Nothing was convenient for me.” He also noted that most models out there were restrictive, lacking space, clunky, and not really nice to look at.


So, Daniel took into account everything he wanted out of a convertible workspace and all the aspects he wanted to avoid and came up with the MOVI Workspace product.


The MOVI Workspace

The most unique aspect of MOVI is that it’s not a desk, it’s a workspace you add to an existing desk. This means that you don’t necessarily have to invest in an entirely new (and expensive) desk to get the added benefits of a convertible workspace.




The MOVI electric standing desk uses a riser controlled by an electric motor, which allows you to elevate the unit from sitting to standing height with the touch of a button.


Here are some of the main features of the MOVI Workspace:


  • The workspace surface is made from sustainably sourced bamboo
  • The space is ergonomic for people up to 6’4”
  • Includes a large 45” workspace platform
  • USB ports for charging electronics
  • A move timer


The bamboo surface is standard on the unit, but it’s also available in a white laminate. In addition,  the legs come in either black or white.


One of the best features of MOVI Workspace is the move timer, which adjusts the platform at intervals throughout the day so keep moving and never lose track of time.


We appreciate how easy it is to operate the MOVI Workspace. “Simply adjust the settings to get the right height, hit the button, and the platform goes right up. The user-interface helps to set your right height,” Daniel explained. Once you’ve found the settings that work for you, just press and hold the button and it’s saved for future use.


Operating MOVI Workspace is easy!

If you’re looking to avoid sitting down at your desk all day but don’t have the capital to invest in a standing desk, go ahead and preorder the MOVI Workspace. It’s set to hit the market in February of 2018 and is sure to be a bit hit.


Preorder the MOVI Workspace here.

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