Cosentino: An Industry Leader in Innovative Surfaces

It’s time to take what you thought of solid and natural surfaces and throw it out the window. If you’re looking for innovation, check out Cosentino.

By Dan Glennzig


After taking a hiatus from the Interior Design Show Vancouver show for a few years, Cosentino  was back at the expo this year with ingenious new surface materials that turned heads of designers, architects, and builders throughout the industry. After browsing their handsome booth, we stopped to speak with Brian Dundes, a marketing analyst working out of Cosentino’s North American headquarters in Miami, Florida.




Although Cosentino is a Spanish company, they’ve made a name for themselves internationally.


“Cosentino has seen unprecedented growth over 10 years. We now have 50 locations all over North America,” says Brian.


In addition to their physical, permanent showrooms, they’re also experimenting with traveling showrooms in major cities experiencing strong growth.




What makes Cosentino’s product so special?


“We offer a wide assortment of innovative surfaces,” Brian tells us.


Sure, you’re bound to find a great selection of natural stone in their collection, but they’ve also set a pretty high bar when it comes to manufactured solid surface materials as well.


Spanish Roots with Universal Appeal

Since opening in 1979, Cosentino has produced some of the industry’s most popular surface materials. Even today, with considerable demands from eager consumers the world over, all of Cosentino’s products are manufactured out of their home base in Cantoria, Spain.


Because everything is done centrally, Brian says, “We have total control of the product in-house.”


They know what’s coming and going in the plant at all times and can easily manage quality control from their central location. Due to this, their quality and precision are hard to beat.


Unlike other European design companies who infuse their style into every product they make, Cosentino fine tunes their product selection in each market they work in. And not only are there differences from one country to the next, but there are also regional preferences.


“The East and West Coasts have different styles and preferences” says Brian in speaking about the North American market. “Miami White is a favorite on the East Coast, while the West prefers natural stones. No matter what, we have dozens of colors to choose from. Whatever our customers want, we have a product to meet their needs.”


Multiple Collections, Same Consistent Quality

Cosentino creates and sells three distinct surface products to consumers: the Sensa, Silestone, and Dekton collections.


Sensa is Cosentino’s granite collection, but this isn’t just plain, simple granite. All Sensa products are infused with a special technology that helps resist stains and repel liquids. The best part is that it’s a very easy material to clean and maintain. Sounds great to us!


For quartz, consumers should look at Cosentino’s Silestone lineup. Silestone is unique in that it contains anti-bacterial properties, which is why many businesses and even hospitals prefer to install it.




Out of these three lines, Brian was pretty excited to talk about the Dekton collection. This entire line of ultra-compact surfaces contains zero resin because it’s made using Exclusive Particle Sintering Technology.




According to Brian, “Zero resin allows uses that no one on the market can provide.”


As one of the most scratch-resistant and heat/cold tolerant surfaces out there today, there’s no doubt you’ll be seeing more Dekton products in the future.


Leading the Industry

Moving forward, Consentino plants to continue their role as both trend-spotter and trendsetter in the world of surface manufacturing. They do this via a team of interior designers “who don’t just respond to current trends, but are the ones who shape them,” according to Brian.


“We don’t want to follow. We want to lead the industry,” says Brian.




Be on the lookout for Cosentino showrooms in your community. You can find a list of locations here on this interactive map.



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