Color Makes a Comeback with Creative Touch at 2017 Rug Show

Many customers are moving away from softer, more subtle rug shades in favor of bold colors.

By Sarah Clarke


Color is back, and the designers at Creative Touch are celebrating its return with styles bursting with vibrancy.


House Tipster checked out this new phenomenon at The Rug Show in New York City, and discovered that color options for rugs have broken out of the more neutral box, and really come alive.




Yes, there was an air of excitement at America’s biggest rug show Sept. 10-13 as we learned how vibrant textile colors from India are commanding attention, as customers relax their hold on softer, more subdued colors.


And when we say bright, well it’s the real eye-catchers in the color palette -- orange, purple, and fuchsia – that will be entering the trendiest American homes through this color revolution.


“Color is back! Definitely there are more people looking for color,” said Baki Ildiz, owner of Creative Touch, which is based in New Jersey, but draws its customers from all around the world.




Creative Touch rugs are meticulously handcrafted from Turkey, India, and Pakistan. Located for over 40 years in Turkey, Creative Touch started business in the United States 15 years ago and offers products that span the entire rug spectrum, said Ildiz.


“Our product line carries a wide variety from traditional to transitional modern – low rent to high rent. It all depends on the client, the tastes of the market. We bring a wide variety of goods,” he said.




One of the most popular styles offered by Creative Touch gets its inspiration from abstract artist Carol-Benson Cobb, a Dallas-based painter.


“We adopted the original art into the rugs,” he said. “We make it with wool and silk, all handmade, and that has been one of our popular and up-and-coming collections.”




The Rug Show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center was an opportunity to show off five different patterns in this Carol-Benson Cobb Collection featured in blues, grays, and browns.




Also big with buyers is the Bosphorus Collection, which carries a more casual living and more decorative style at a less expensive price point. At the high end of the cost spectrum is the original traditional rugs like those from Anatolia, Turkey.




What more can we expect from this brand? Well, Creative Touch is all about expansion in 2018, infusing what’s captivating about its rugs into pillows and other home accessories.


“Rugs have been our main focus, but we would like to see what else we can do,” said Ildiz.


We can’t wait to discover just what the future brings as Creative Touch grows beyond rugs to shape even more of the home design world.

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