Charles Harold: Original Artwork

The artists at Charles Harold create original works of art for a contemporary audience, and we’ve fallen head over heels for this collection!

By Janice Harris


Chuck Marksberry knows art.


Not only did he start his own artwork company, but he has also mentored a team of young artists who eventually made up the Charles Harold artistic team. Four of those artists just happen to be his sons and daughters-in-law, each of whom has a strong background in fine art and a passion for the presentation of it.


As the president and owner of CHC Art and Charles Harold, Chuck Marksberry stays busy. But he took some time at the Fall 2017 High Point Market to fill us in on his wonderful world of original art.




Contemporary Art

Over the past 20 years, Charles Harold has become the leading source of contemporary art. But what makes their original pieces so special?




According to Chuck, “The story here is diversity. We have lots of different looks, all of which are very abstract.”




Plus, everything within the entire collection is made by the company. “We’re showing seven original artists right now,” explains Chuck. This means they sell everything they make. That’s not something we see every day in the world of home décor and design!




Some of the numerous pieces in the Charles Harold collection include Chuck’s personal favorite, “Nova,” which is based on his love and passion for space and the images coming from the Hubble space telescope. There’s also “Urban,” “Geometric,” and “Movement,” to name a few.


While there’s definitely a contemporary lean to the style and structure of the Charles Harold collection, there’s also an air of timelessness in many of the pieces we had a chance to browse at High Point. The blend of neutral shades in sweeping, broad designs, blended with demure bursts of color give life without being overbearing or distracting. It’s the ideal collection for both newbies and seasoned art collectors alike.




Where to Find Charles Harold Around Town

Currently, Charles Harold artwork is shown in several trade show rooms, including High Point, EJ Victor, Chaddock and Tomlinson in North Carolina.




If you’re not employed in the trade, you can still find an original piece or giclée from the Charles Harold collection that meets your needs and fits your space. All of the collection is curated by Chuck, which includes 2,500 distinct pieces, and is available on his website


Oh, and did we mention how beautifully neutral yet intricate this artwork is? It is the perfect accessory for any room, regardless of your style.


We want to extend a special thanks to Chuck Marksberry. It was great talking with you!

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