Bosch: What Coffee Dreams Are Made Of

“I’ll take a skinny latte made with a touch of love.” If this sounds like your coffee order, it’s time to buy a Bosch.

By Dan Glennzig


Bosch doesn’t just design and manufacture coffee machines, but they completely wowed us at the Interior Design Show Vancouver on none other than National Coffee Day with their app-enabled coffee machines.


We’ll get to all the rich, decadent details on all things coffee in just a second. First, let’s dig deep into Bosch, the company. As a leading German appliance company serving markets around the world, Bosch is consistently bringing new technology and designs to the table in everything from microwaves and dishwashers to cooktops and toasters. Most of the products sold in North America are manufactured on US soil in New Bern, North Carolina.


We met Bosch representative Shelly Hagan at Bosch’s third trip here to IDS Vancouver. She’s an energetic woman who seemed to love coffee as much as we do, and even made us a cup ‘o joe as we chatted about all things Bosch.




If you’re looking for the ultimate appliance experience, coffee included, check out Bosch.


Coffee, Please

When we first met Shelly, she was eager to whip us up a cup of coffee and we were thrilled to oblige. After showing us the built-in machine, she explained, “Inside the coffee maker we have our beans, water dispenser, milk reservoir. The coffee maker will steam the milk, make the froth, and produce the coffee on top.”




A coffee machine can do all that? We’re sold!


But what about the heat of the coffee? After all, so many built-ins don’t properly heat the coffee, leaving us all with a chilly beverage.


“One comment we get from consumers is that built-in coffee makers don’t make the coffee hot enough,” says Shelly. “The best thing about this particular machine is you can choose the level of heat, as well as the strength of the coffee. Each coffee is customizable to the consumer.”


Plus, you can save that specific coffee to your profile and “call it up” at a later date using the Home Connect App.


That’s right. The entire process of making the coffee was done completely via our phones.


There’s an App for That!

Home Connect is a Wi-Fi enabled phone or tablet application designed to make your life as a consumer and homeowner a bit easier. Once you download the app to our iOS, Android, or tablet device, you’ll connect with your home’s “Home Connect” appliances. A handful of appliances in Bosch’s docket currently have this capability, including the coffee maker mentioned above, a dishwasher, and a refrigerator. In the upcoming year, Bosch will also be adding a Home Connect-operated washer and dryer to the mix.


How does this benefit you? When you use Home Connect, you can operate your appliances from any location (as long as your appliance is connected to the Wi-Fi). This gives you the opportunity to control the temperature of your freezer, the dishwasher cycle, and prepare a cup of coffee before you even step foot in your kitchen.


Shelly tells us “We’re at the very beginning stages of working with Home Connect” meaning there’s more to look forward to in the future.


But, That’s Not All

Aside from coffee, Bosch also presented several other key products in their lineup at IDS, including a dishwasher featuring the new My Way Rack. This space-saving shelf doesn’t just hold cutlery like a regular three-shelf dishwasher. It’s made to accommodate small bowls and large utensils too!



Photo courtesy of Bosch


Bosch’s creative, functional Benchmark Series ovens were also on display. We appreciated the thought behind these side-open ovens because they’re much easier to reach into and out of compared to regular wall ovens.




We’re obsessed with Bosch’s coffee machines as well as their thoughtful, function-based approach to everyday home appliances. To browse Bosch’s extensive product line, check out their website or visit major appliance retailers near you.


Thanks for the coffee, Shelly!

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