BoConcept: Modern Designer Furniture

BoConcept, a Danish company with international appeal, is helping bring sensible European design style across the pond to North America.

By Dan Glennzig


As the leading furniture brand in Denmark with an exceptionally strong international presence, BoConcept is, quite literally, sharing the European design aesthetic with the world. Their focus on modern, urban elements infused with traditional Danish furniture styles gives BoConcept a definitive edge in the furniture industry.


But that’s not all that sets BoConcept apart from other manufacturers. Virgil Macchio, general manager of BoConcept’s presence in Western Canada, has lots of good things to say about the company he represents and he filled us in on all the must-know facts that make this brand so special.




Here are a few of the reasons why BoConcept is a company to keep your eye on in the coming years.


A History of Consistent Quality

BoConcept been using their unique take on manufacturing and distributing their product since 1952 when the company was founded by Jens Ærthøj Jensen and Tage Mølholm in Herning, Denmark.


Since then, BoConcept has relied on the expertise and precision of designers and artisans dedicated to creating beautiful furniture that is, above all, well-made and built-to-last.




Over the years, BoConcept has grown exponentially, not just in the number of physical stores they operate, but also the breadth of their product line. They now make everything from sofas and beds to storage solutions perfect for small spaces out of their factories in Denmark, Lithuania, and China. The materials they use are what only can be described as premier quality. BoConcept buyers have combed the world looking for top-rate lumber in North America, sturdy hardware in Germany, and rich textiles from Italy.




Virgil tells us that BoConcept’s main goal is to make modern design available to consumers in urban areas, which is why their 250+ showrooms are located in high-traffic cities such as Vancouver and Paris.



Whether you’re looking to furnish your home or business, BoConcept has a product to meet your needs. How can we be sure? Because they’re all about customization.


“We offer lots of customization options, including different sizes and finishes for many of the products we offer,” says Virgil.




When you visit one of their many stores or the BoConcept website, you can easily view these options and create your dream piece of furniture that meets your exact needs.


Each product in their collection is designed and fine-tuned by a team of A-list designers, including Karim Rashid and Morten Georgsen. Their main focus is adding an international flare to traditional, simple European-inspired staples.




Oh, and there’s one more thing we should mention: BoConcept is completely exclusive, meaning you can’t get the product anywhere else but from them.


“Everything we sell in our stores is exclusive to our brand,” says Virgil.


Paving the Road

“Bo” from the company name isn’t in reference to a particular person. In fact, it actually means “the feeling of home you get in your own space” in Dutch. We don’t have a similar word in the English language, but we assume “comforting, warm, and inviting” are pretty close comparisons. And that’s what’s so nice about BoConcept: You can guarantee that everything they make and sell meets the “Bo” criteria!




Thankfully, BoConcept introduces new products every year around the time of the Interior Design Show. “Right now, we’re introducing our 2018 collection. IDS is a perfectly timed expo to show our new items and catalog,” claims Virgil. This year, they’re showcasing Karim Rashid’s sleek yet plush Ottawa sofas.



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