Benjamin Moore Introduces Scuff-X at Greenbuild

Scuffs, scratches, and stains are no match for Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X paint line, newly introduced and presented at Greenbuild.

By Janice Harris


As a brand manager for Benjamin Moore paints, Alfredo Valiente knows paint. It helps that the company he represents is one of the most recognized, high-quality brands available on the market today.




Here at House Tipster, we’ve always been a big fan of Benjamin Moore products ever since we met with Kali Sipes Pleasant at the 2017 Dwell on Design expo. She was showcasing the Century collection, one of three new lines introduced by the company this year.




Luckily, Alfredo was just as pumped as Kali was about the Scuff-X paint he was presenting. After seeing just how remarkably strong and durable this paint was, we were sold.


Are you looking for the perfect paint for high-traffic areas of your home or business? Get Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X as soon as possible!


What is Scuff-X?

If you have an area, such as a hallways bathroom, or commercial lobby space that is susceptible to scuffs, stains, and scratches, then you’re probably all too familiar with your paintbrush. These areas get super scuffed up, resulting in a lot of work. The solution, according to Alfredo, is Scuff-X.




“We introduced the first scuff-resistant paint on the industry,” Alfredo said. Designed primarily for high-traffic environments, Scuff-X ultimately reduces the amount of scuffs that appear the wall’s surface.


What does this mean for you, the consumer? You can rest assured that when you use Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X paint, you’ll have fewer marks on your walls, fewer yearly paint sessions, and a better overall appearance.


“No one has this technology,” Alfredo said. “It’s designed specifically for hospitals, schools, lobbies, hotels, and fitting rooms.”


But, Are My Options Limited?

That’s one of the best traits of Benjamin Moore paints! Most of the paint lines, including Scuff-X, are available in all 3,500 Benjamin Moore signature colors. Plus, there are three different sheens, including eggshell, matte, and satin finishes.




Yes, you read that right! You can get the ultimate scuff-resistant paint with a soft matte finish! That’s unheard of in the paint industry.


Is it Safe?

Benjamin Moore takes human and environmental safety seriously, which is why they’re continuing to decrease the VOC count in all their paints, including Scuff-X.




Also, Alfredo reminded us, “The paint is produced in LEED and CHIP-certified facilities.” As you can see, you can rest assured you’re painting in the safest way possible.




It doesn’t get much better than Benjamin Moore paints. And now, there’s a perfect option for busy or commercial spaces. Lucky us!


If you’re looking to paint a high-traffic area, consider Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X lineup. It’s available at Benjamin Moore retail centers across North America.

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