Amazing Displays at the ICFF

Marvelous home products were in every direction.

The 29th annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) was full of cutting-edge projects and products in New York City last week. Amazing sights were everywhere we looked. We didn’t know where to begin!



We were mesmerized by Antolini’s lavish exhibition. They’ve been creating marvelous marble work for over 50 years. They bought the Breche de Benou quarry in France, which is where the marble was extracted for the Palace of Versailles’s decorations. Over the course of Antolini’s successful half-century, they've accumulated a vast collection of over 800 types of marble, granite, limestone, onyx, and travertine.





While browsing around the ICFF, we couldn’t pass up on this wall of simplistic and stylish sinks. Simas is an Italy-based company that has been in the industry since 1955. They specialize in forming abstract bathroom concepts. Every product is handcrafted in Italy by expert ceramicists.





The Italian designers at Teckell have completely reimagined the foosball table to be a luxury item. We had the pleasure of speaking with Jean Tolomio, a Teckell representative, all about the Cristallino foosball piece. The playing field is made of laminated crystal, which ensures a smooth game. Every detail of Cristallino is created with high-grade materials and is available in either transparent or smoked glass.




Florim USA

Florim USA’s age-old Italian craftsmanship was readily apparent in the products they exhibited at their ICFF booth. Built upon the solid roots of the Florim Group based in Italy, Florim USA is committed to continued technological innovation and to producing timeless and sustainable porcelain products. Florim USA is one of the largest and most technologically advanced porcelain facilities in North America, and its parent company (Florim Group) is renowned as a global leader in ceramics.





Despite the fact that the Javits Center was packed with people, we were instantly captivated by Dornbracht’s line of Tara kitchen faucets. Dornbracht, a family-run company, creates exceptional kitchen and bathroom faucets with 360-degree swivel spouts.





Mosaico+ uses an all-Italian production system that combines innovative techniques with a remarkable mosaic culture. With their extensive mosaic chip collection of versatile colors, they remain one of the top players in the design industry.





Ornamenta impressed us with their various collections of wall tiles and ceramic floors that mix both the industrial and the artisanal techniques.




Manhattan Comfort

Manhattan Comfort, a New York City-based company, had modern and stylish furniture on display. The funky multi-colored Avesta Double Side Table 2.0 was an eclectic spectacle. 





We couldn’t help but notice these peculiar-looking things when we were walking by oOumm’s display. It wasn’t long before we found out what was before us. Candles! This product is called the Orion. The candle itself is enclosed by thin pieces of beautiful marble. When lit, it creates unique shadows all around it.





These Alape washstands are exceptionally inimitable. The models on display are variations of Alape’s WT.RX washstand. They are perfect for completing a stylish bathroom.




Ledge Lounger

Before leaving the ICFF, we spied an interesting-looking lounge chair. It was none other than the highly-acclaimed Ledge Lounger. It has been widely promoted and used by numerous resorts around the globe. The chair provides flawless lumbar support and works great in a pool, on a deck, or even in sand. It was so comfortable that we nearly fell asleep in it, right in the middle of the bustling crowd!




We made some unforgettable connections after a long day of mingling on the ICFF floor. There were so many marvelous products that stood out from the impeccable WT.RX washstand to Dornbracht’s Tara sink. It was an exhausting but rewarding experience. 

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