Outdoor Luxury with Castelle at High Point Market

Designer Christopher Grubb interviews Mark Stephens, president of Castelle, and fellow Southern California designer Barclay Butera.


Because House Tipster knows how much you care about your outdoor furniture, the talented interior and product designer, Christopher Grubb took the time to speak with Mark Stephens, president of Castelle, and recent product collaborator Barclay Butera at the Spring 2018 High Point Market.


This biannual furniture industry trade show provided the perfect backdrop for Christopher, Mark, and Barclay to discuss the Castelle product line and current outdoor living trends.


It was wonderful to learn about the handmade furniture by Castelle as well as their designer-chic collaboration with Barclay Butera. Although Castelle sells directly to the trade, you can still go to their website - www.castelleluxury.com - to check out their extensive product line and find a dealer close to you.

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