Mark Cutler Tells Tale of How He Became an 'Accidental Interior Designer'

House Tipster was fortunate to meet Australian-born Mark Cutler of Mark Cutler Design at the Dwell on Design 2018 trade show in Los Angeles, CA.


In this video, Mark talks with designer Christopher Grubb about his unlikely start in the interior design industry. An architect by training, Mark began his interior design career when an "African dictator" came into the company he was working at then and said he'd only hire the company if it could do the whole package: architecture: landscaping, and interior design. Mark volunteered for the interior design job, and apparently did it quite well in his first attempt.


Soon after that, none other than Vanna White approached him about taking on another large interior design job, and Mark excelled at that one too. Mark's interior design career had a sterling start and he has maintained that level of excellence for decades.


Mark Cutler Design offers a wide range of interior design services including space planning, construction, renovation, aesthetic and structural revitalization, and lighting and furniture procurement.

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