How Las Vegas Market Stays Ahead of the Curve to Spot the Hottest Trends

Cain Brodie and Esther Ossei Anto from International Market Centers, and designers Christopher Grubb and Angelo Adamo break down the Las Vegas Market.


The House Tipster team had a great experience taking in the Las Vegas Summer Market 2018. At this season’s event, designer Christopher Grubb of Arch-Interiors had the wonderful opportunity to speak with a panel of designers, marketing experts, and organizers from International Market Centers to hear about what goes into trendspotting the latest in the home, gift, food, and interior design industries. Through their discussion, we learned all about the Market has evolved from its earliest days, and how and this year’s event came to be. Plus, we got some expert takes on the need-to-know trends coming up for 2019.

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