House Tipster Talks with Dwell Show Director Amie Gilmore

House Tipster was on-site for an interview between the illustrious designer Christopher Grubb and Amie Gilmore, the event director at Dwell on Design.


Once a year, some of the world’s most prominent designers, architects, product developers, media professionals, and design enthusiasts descend on Los Angeles for the Dwell on Design trade event. And on it's 13th year, 2018’s Dwell on Design, the largest design fair on the West Coast, was nothing short of spectacular. It’s here that people from all walks of life come together to celebrate fantastic modern design, emerging technologies, and new product lines.


Thanks to our close relationship with the world-renowned designer and president of Arch-Interiors Design Group, Christopher Grubb, we were able to be on-location for an exclusive interview he had with the event director at Dwell on Design, Amie Gilmore.

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