Burgundy Oak Reimagines Wine Barrels as Home Decor

House Tipster spoke with Joel Jelinski, the CEO and founder of Burgundy Oak, during the winter 2018 Las Vegas Market.


"What we really try to focus on is making authentic and unique products that our customers can tell stories to their friends and family about," says Jelinski. "There's a lot of mass-produced furniture in the industry now, and we're really trying to solve that problem for consumers."


Jelinski said his company acquires wine barrels from Napa Valley and repurposes them into a whole line of home decor and furnishings for wine cellars, man caves, and patios. Burgundy Oak reimagines wine barrels into almost anything you could think of, including kegerators, coffee tables, dart boards, liquor cabinets... a little bit of everything.


"We allow that personal touch that I think can really be a huge feature and stand out in a restaurant or bar," says Jelinski.

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