The Consulting House Offers Diverse Design Solutions

This design firm offers a boutique approach to interior decorating and project management.

By Tina Jepson
With Inspiration from The Consulting House


Home design comes in many forms. Sometimes, it’s simply changing the decor in a room. In other circumstances, design refers to a whole-home construction project. No matter the project’s focus or scope, it’s important to have a professional guiding the way.


Thankfully, the Atlanta area is home to a phenomenal design professional with experience working on a variety of different design scenarios.


As the founder of The Consulting House design firm, Janice Dietz has always had an eye for design. For the past 17 years, Janice has been using this talent and passion to transform residences into works of art through three different services: renovation and construction, interior decorating, and home organization.


It’s evident in her ample portfolio and loyal following. Janice Dietz is making the world a more beautiful place through her work.


Designing With Passion

“Design has always been a passion of mine,” Janice Dietz says.



Photos courtesy of The Consulting House


As a young child, Janice was always comfortable working with common design elements. Her eye for color and ability to visualize space shaped her childhood and fueled her desire to study and become a designer.


It also helped that Janice grew up in a home filled with art.


“Both of my parents were very creative and they were art collectors, so I was surrounded by beautiful art,” Janice says.


With such a nurturing environment, it was only natural that she’d wind working to ensure people could also live in beautiful spaces.




And believe me, the designs The Consulting House completes are nothing short of beautiful!


Janice is involved in all aspects of home design from design consultations and CAD drawings to space planning and downsizing. Regardless of what she’s working on at the time, Janice always puts her all into her projects.


“I love the creative process of coming up with designs and solutions that are transformational,” she says. “ I love seeing my clients thrilled with the end result.”


Style and Design Preferences

The Consulting House designs from modern to more traditional styles in several ways. After all, each design is based on the needs and preferences of her clients.




Even with 17 years of experience in the field, Janice still doesn’t have a favorite type of project.


“My favorite experience is working on all different types of projects from creating the architectural designs to renovating entire residences to specific spaces like kitchens or bathrooms to interior decorating,” she says.


For each project, Janice begins by understanding a client’s style, including their lifestyle and needs. Then, discussions take place to determine each room’s layout, including furniture, colors and the like. Of course, factors like budget and space also play a significant role in the scope of the project.




This design diversity is reflected in her online portfolio (found here). As you can see, everything from the general contracting services at the West Andrews Addition to the designs of the Lake Island Basement are catered specifically to the client.


“I’ll never lose focus in serving my clients,” she says.


Insider Tips from The Consulting House

If you’re like the thousands of other DIYers looking to design your own home, take Janice’s advise and consult a professional before you begin. Hiring out the job is usually the smartest route, especially “If you want your home to be pulled together, and you don’t want to spend money on mistakes.”


A professional is especially helpful if you and your spouse/partner don’t see eye to eye on the design of your home. By working with Janice at The Consulting House, you’ll get an expert opinion about how to handle any uncomfortable cohabitational disagreement.




At the end of your time working with The Consulting House, you’re guaranteed a beautiful finished product and a lifelong friend. Janice takes pride in the close relationships she’s made with all her clients.


For more information on The Consulting House’s work and services or to learn more about the fabulous Janice Dietz, head to the website.

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