Rooms With Style Can Help You Create Your Dream Home

Bored of the appearance of your home? This interior design company can perform wonders on your home and turn it into a work of art.

By Jessica Herring
With Inspiration from Rooms With Style


Once you have decided to make adjustments to your home, you most likely will be unsure where to start. Luckily, Rooms With Style can relieve you of any concerns you may have and work with you one on one to create a gorgeous and memorable home. It will be hard to control your excitement once the design project is completed.




As a child, Shar Sitter, owner and president of Rooms With Style, a home staging and redesign firm in Minnesota, loved her Barbie Dream Home more than the Barbie doll itself.


“So, looking back, I guess I was hooked as a kid,” she said.


Sitter is passionate about almost all thing creative. While she was growing up, she enjoyed seeing the before and after pictures of a designer’s work.


“There’s nothing like a dramatic transformation!” she said.


She has been an interior designer for 13 years. Sitter originally went to college for interior design but ended up going back to school and earned a degree in accounting with a Master’s Degree in business taxation. However, she feels her knowledge in accounting and taxes aren’t going to waste because she can use this information to run her design company and educate students about the importance of being business savvy.




Aspiring interior designers have several different avenues to choose from such as residential projects, commercial projects, home staging and much more, she said. Sitter encourages people to discover what they’re passionate about in the interior design industry before working somewhere. They might have to work at a variety of different places before they can discover what they love, she said.


“Don’t feel bad if you don’t know right away,” she said.


So far as a designer one of her favorite experiences was creating a farmhouse style home. Sitter was given the blueprints and picked out every aspect of the home from the shingles, siding, handles to the design elements inside the home. After she designed the home, she staged it for sale.




“It truly was a dream job,” she said.


One of the best parts of the project for Sitter was when the client changed their mind and chose to have a farmhouse style home instead of a craftsman style home. She loved picking out the flooring, paint colors, light fixtures, and cabinets of the home. This style home brought out her creative side and caused her to do things such as create a vintage style farmhouse screen door for the pantry door.




When decorating or staging a person’s home, the most important technique is to intently listen to the client and find out their thoughts and desires.


“Although I am there to give ideas and suggestions. Ultimately it’s their home, and they are the ones that need to love it. Not me,” she said.


At the beginning of a design project, Sitter often tries to discover what her clients still love about their homes and what they’re hoping to change. After she consults with the clients, they come to an agreement about the work that will be done and agree on a budget.




“Fully understanding both are so important,” she said.


Also, designers should give back and help people in need, Sitter said.


One of the most noteworthy experiences in her career so far was when she designed a three-bedroom apartment for three women who were coming off the streets from sex trafficking. For no charge, she helped create a cozy and friendly apartment for these women. New furniture, artwork, and accessories were donated, and Sitter bought new bedding and towels for the apartment.


“I never got to meet the girls or see their faces, but the joy I had in doing it for them was incredible,” she said.


Sitter loves making people excited about the style of their homes. Also, she appreciates how every home has a different appearance, so no job is ever the same, she said.




“They get so excited when they see the transformation, and it makes my heart go pitter-pat too!” she said.


Sitter advises homeowners who are trying to update their home to keep the look timeless. She encourages them to use trendy accessories that can be changed easily and aren’t expensive. People don’t consistently change the look of their homes so keeping big items, such as the countertops and large pieces of furniture, in classic styles is crucial so the home doesn’t look old after a few years, she said. Also, she thinks people should have fun with the lighting, accent chairs and throw pillows.




Next time you’re in need of changing the look of a room or your house don’t hesitate to contact Rooms With Style. This design company will impress you with their extensive knowledge of design and wonderful customer service.

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