Hart’s Design: Giving Life to Your Home

Your home isn’t just a set of walls. It’s an art form. Thankfully, Hart’s Design has mastered the art of home design.

By Tina Jepson
With Inspiration from Hart’s Design


Your home is where memories are made. It’s where you come to relax after a hard day at work and where your kids grow up. It’s a place to rest, play, and ultimately, live. You don’t just reside in your home, it becomes a part of you. At least, that’s what Robert Hartranft believes.




As the principal residential designer for Hart’s Design, Robert has designed new homes and remodels out of his Eden Prairie, Minnesota home base for over 25 years. By focusing on the creativeness of home design, he’s not just interested in giving his clients a place to live. In fact, he strives to provide a work of art to those he works with.


By prioritizing creativeness, he’s melding standard home designs with the needs of his clients—and the results are stunning.


If you’re interested in hiring a home designer, consider Hart’s Design. Here’s why:


Melding Design and Structure

We’ve all seen it before. There are some homes out there, particularly newer construction, that seems to lack soul. That’s why we all get excited to see a home with “character.” Little touches like stained glass, crown molding, or exposed brick walls make a gigantic difference in giving a home texture and life.




What Robert does is help to create these magic touches through his design work.


“I enjoy the challenge of melding a design and structure, especially in remodeling,” Robert told us, noting that it’s always surprising to the client when they see the impacts of a bit of creativity up close.


Above all, Robert enjoys assisting clients with remodeling and designing new homes from start to finish. For example, one of his favorite projects was a remodel of an old rambler on Lake Minnetonka. By the end of the design, he turned the existing structure into a “state of the art English manor” complete with a skyway leading to a garage apartment. As you can imagine, the result was spectacular, and the client was thrilled.


Should You Hire a Designer?

He may be a bit biased, but Robert always suggests working with or, at the very least, consulting a professional designer.




“Homeowners who would like to change the design of their homes should hire a professional designer since they have the expertise and background to style a home properly,” Robert said.


But can you really tell the difference between a DIYer’s addition and one designed by a professional? Robert can definitely tell the difference, and that means you and your guests might too. That’s one of the reasons why Robert offers a la carte service for home DIYers. He believes everyone deserves a touch of professional expertise.


“It’s important to make your home have that flow that works just right,” he said. A professional has the ability to take your needs and create something that fits design principles.


Giving Life to Your Home

Robert also believes that good design is worth fighting for. So, when a builder or contractor alters his artfully-done home designs and insists on a simpler product, he’s none too happy about it.


“To change the look of person’s home, it’s essential to have a strong understanding of structural dynamics as well as creativity,” he says.


In addition to advocating for his clients when it comes to the actual home build, Robert also roots for those studying to become designers. He stresses that “a well-rounded education that not only includes structural and design classes but also incorporates interpersonal relationships and communications” is key to being a successful home designer.




Above all, you can rest assured that Hart’s Designs is dedicated to giving all their clients the best experience. “It’s a great pleasure and honor to work with my clients and see their home design develop into a space that they love. I accept the responsibility with honor,” he told us.


To browse Robert’s portfolio, including both new homes and remodels, check out his website.

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