Creating Happy Spaces with Tiffany Hanken

Interior designer Tiffany Hanken understands how the right space can impact happiness and she’s letting her clients in on the secret.

By Tina Jepson
With Inspiration from Tiffany Hanken Design


Tiffany Hanken of Tiffany Hanken Design, an interior design firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has one main goal: to help her clients design a life they love. Using her 15 years of expertise and a lifelong passion for transforming spaces to make her and those around her happy, Tiffany is now a force in the design world. She’s changing spaces and improving lives through her creative design approach.




“At a young age, I was intrigued by how spaces impacted lifestyle and the happiness that comes from being surrounded by things you love,” Tiffany explained to House Tipster.


Today, she’s transforming homes by designing spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Her favorite part of the design process is putting the final touches, but she’s involved in so much more than that.


For instance, Tiffany plays a big role in couples therapy. (No joke!)


She says, “The most challenging part of decorating a home is the merging styles between couples.” To help keep harmony, Tiffany works to add elements each person loves and enjoys.




As you can see, Tiffany’s interior design work is anything but boring! Here’s a glimpse into the world and workings of Tiffany Hanken.


Designing at an Early Age

It’s rare to know your professional calling as a child, but that’s what happened to Tiffany. When she was a mere 12 years old, her parents asked her and her siblings to pick up rocks over the course of a summer. In exchange for months of hard work, they promised something very special in return.


The surprise just happened to be an old hunting fort, which the kids quickly transformed into their childhood playhouse. “It was a child’s dream to have a fort that was this cool,” she enthusiastically explains. Nestled up on a hill with nothing but a ladder for access, the kids spent all their free time adding furniture, screening in windows, and building a deck. Within months, they added a cow trough, metal pipes, and a funnel to create an outdoor shower.


“This was the pinnacle of my first design experience,” Tiffany says.


From there, she was hooked.


Home: A Visual Expression of Life

To say Tiffany’s design work has evolved since her hunting fort playhouse would be an understatement. Today, Tiffany provides cream of the crop design services based on the story her clients want to tell, ultimately ensuring she’s providing a visual expression of her client’s life.




“The real design happens when you can tell the client's story through their home with their accessories, art, and photos,” Tiffany explains, referring to her interior design work.


And since stories are told to evoke emotion, that’s exactly what she expects from her work on every project she does. She wants her clients to feel connected to their newly designed, completely personalized space.


This passion for telling a story through design shows throughout her work, which ranges from the bright and modern layout of 1910 Major Drive to the light and lovely 198 East 6th St Project 3.


According to Tiffany, the most rewarding part of what her design firm does is make people feel good.




“My favorite experience so far is when we finish an install for a client, they walk through their home, and cry from happiness,” she says.


Knowing she provided her clients a space they will love and enjoy is what matters to her.


Balancing Function and Aesthetic

When it comes to interior design, Tiffany encourages her clients to understand the changes they want in their home before starting the process.




“The first steps are figuring out the functionality of what you need, then the aesthetic that makes you the most happy,” she says. Function first, then beauty. Noted!


At the same time, it’s never a good idea to fill your space with unwanted clutter, even if it looks good. Tiffany suggests only designing with things you love. The best way to handle this is, of course, to work with a designer.




“Getting a designer at the early stage of the process is best,” she says. “We help define client's style, especially in couple situations where you’re merging two styles to make a home.”


To take a look at the work of Tiffany Hanken Designs, browse her robust portfolio here and connect with her on Facebook.

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