CG Interiors Group: Storytelling Through Interior Design

By listening, learning, and remaining perpetually curious, Caryn Grossman is designing exquisite residential and commercial spaces.

By Tina Jepson
With Inspiration from CG Interiors Group


Caryn Grossman, associate ASID, owner and principal designer at CG Interiors Group, creates beautiful, multidimensional designs in the homes and businesses she designs in Atlanta and around the country. Her ability to blend furniture, décor, and other designs from different eras is one of the many ways her work stands out in the industry.




Yet, Caryn didn’t always know she wanted to be an interior designer. She began her career as a writer focused on architecture and design, but Caryn soon grew a bit jealous. “While I was dealing in one dimension — the written one — they were working in a multitude, telling a story through movement, volume, color, design, and more,” she explained. It was the process of turning an idea, a concept, into a fulfilled dream that inspired Caryn to enroll in an interior architecture program and continue with her interior design passion over two decades later.


It’s rare to see an interior designer master the mixing and matching of so many different elements, but then again, Caryn’s designs are exceptional. Here are some of the reasons we’re big fans of CG Interiors Group.


Starting with A Story and Building From There

Every design, whether it’s an entire house or a simple room, requires some level of discovery. Thankfully, that’s Caryn’s favorite part of the process! Caryn and her associate, Chris, realize no two projects are the same, so they use each opportunity to work with a new client as a way to learn about their “story” and cater designs to those specific tastes.




Listening and learning are at the heart of each story discovery. Caryn and Chris take the time to learn about the family and project through a series of questions. From there, they set a budget, confirm preferred styles, and discuss what functions are important for the client. As the design story unfolds, the crew at CG Interiors Group create personalized floor plans and layout options.


Sometimes, a client needs a bit more, such as custom furniture and a particular product. In these cases, Caryn and Chris go out of their way to ensure they have everything they need to match the vision. Yes, they’ll even fly a client out to a trade show and bring custom samples to help shape the project.


Remaining Lifelong Learners

There’s no doubt Caryn has ample design experience under her belt. However, she’s determined to continue learning about the industry and explore new trends and styles by staying connected on social media, following the latest products, and connecting with other design firms.




We’ve noticed how seamlessly Caryn and Chris blend their experiences with current and emerging style preferences. It’s evidenced in much of her work, including their awe-inspiring Loft Living project.


With so much visibility for interior designs, it’s an amazing time for an interior designer to see and be seen.


Aside from being a lifelong learner of the trade, Caryn suggests all interior designers seek education from across the board. Caryn believes all aspiring interior designers should, “absorb everything, not just in the interior design field, but also in fashion, architecture, sustainability, and graphic design.


Finding Humor in the Every Day

At CG Interiors, they always try to incorporate an element of fun in their work. One recent experience led Caryn and Chris to the Museum of Design Atlanta, a branch of the Smithsonian. There, they were tasked with designing a room based on a color, an object, and a space.




Caryn explains, “Our color was blue, our object was cake, and the fun ensued from there!” This Marie Antoinette-inspired setup included none other than a drag performer, baroque furnishings, and beautiful, life-sized portraits. Not only did they rock the museum, but they also won first place!


Sometimes, they make the shenanigans. Other times, the humor comes to them. This includes the time Caryn was asked by a potential client to work around a stuffed dead bird based on an Internet referral.


“Needless to say, we only take personal referrals now,” she joked.


Working with an Interior Designer

CG Interiors is quite busy working with several clients. So, we asked Caryn if there’s one particular project that stands out to her and she told us that she’s currently working on a project that includes 8 rooms, each with its own unique color palette! The key to keeping up with such a large, one-of-a-kind job is to stay organized while remaining “spontaneous and creative.”




If you’re interested in working with an interior designer, start by getting your own ducks in a row. Caryn suggests those looking for interior design work to “learn about the field and how you might benefit from hiring a professional designer.”


Follow that up with some photos of ideas that appeal and inspire you. You can find these just about anywhere, from magazines to social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Once you have a goal in mind, start the process of searching for a designer that matches your style and budget. Before long, you’ll be on your way to a space custom made for you.


Caryn and Chris’s work at CG Interiors is stunning! Don’t you agree?


If you live in and around the Atlanta area or want to learn more about their services, start the “discovery” process by visiting the CG Interiors website.

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