Brooke Voss Design Studio Loves Transforming Homes

This interior design company will take your simple space and turn it into a warm and inviting home that you’ll be thrilled to show off to friends and family.

By Jessica Herring


Brooke Voss Design Studio is a one of a kind interior design company in Minnesota focused on updating people’s homes and turning people’s desires into reality. A team of trained and experienced designers will assist you from start to finish with creating a beautiful home that will last you for years.




Katie Gustafson, an interior designer for Brooke Voss Design Studio, discovered she should be an interior designer after taking a class in high school and going to a week-long college summer camp.


“I fell in love and never looked back,” she said.


Gustafson has been an interior designer for 11 years including her internship. As a designer she enjoys learning about new products and discovering what is considered the next latest trend.


“I love that every day is so different and every project is so different,” she said.


One of her most memorable experiences has been getting to see her project on the cover of a magazine for the first time, she said. Also, she loved working on a large lake house in Minnetoka last summer.




“It was with a really great client which makes the project so much fun,” she said.


Gustafson was able to do all of the furniture, fabrics, art and accessories for the home.


“I could really envision myself having a lake house like that one,” she said.


In her eyes one of the best parts of being an interior designer is completing an installation while her clients are away and then having them come back for a big reveal, she said.


“Most of them say they have forgotten what all of the furniture and fabrics looked like so they are surprised, in a good way,” she said.




Gustafson encourages potential designers to be ready to discuss money, multi-task effectively and carry stuff around. To properly decorate a person’s home, the designer needs to form close relationships with the clients and understand their vision for the house.  Once the clients and designer become close, they need to form a unified and sensible plan for the style of the home.


It’s the designer’s responsibility to choose the appropriate furniture, come up with a draft of the selections in the floor plan, get fabric options and show them to the client going back for any re-selections. Also, they are responsible for initiating proposals, ordering all the items needed for the project and tracking everything, she said.


Sometimes decorating a client’s home with a tight budget can be difficult, she said. The price ends up rising quickly and the list of desires adds up fast too. Therefore, it’s wise for the client and the interior designer to be on the same page in the very early stages of a design project.


Gustafson has a modern sense of style. She loves layering pieces that are viewed as more worldly and used, such as antique dishes from her grandmother or fun artwork made by students at a local art college. Since she has a 4-year-old boy and a 9-month old girl her house needs to have bullet proof finishes and materials, she said.




Homeowners who would like to change the look of their homes should come up with a plan regarding budget, the order of the project and a deadline so the project can run smoother and more effectively, Gustafson said. Then they should try to find inspiration from places, such as Houzz, Midwest Home Magazine or vacations, based on how they want their new homes to look and feel.


In the future Gustafson still envisions herself working as an interior designer at Brooke Voss Design and becoming more knowledgeable about the design industry as well as expanding her client list, she said.


“I learn so much and have so much fun working with Brooke,” she said.


As a designer not every project goes as planned, Gustafson said. Often there are bumps that arise before you can cross the finish line, she said.


“I think it is all about how you handle those bumps with the client that sets you up for success,” she said.




Usually as long as you can come up with a solution for the problem clients are understanding and everything goes forward smoothly. For this job you really need to be very skilled at problem solving and know how to be quick on your feet, she said.


Aspiring designers often assume that being an interior designer is just about playing with pretty fabrics, she said. But in reality there is not too much more than that. Designers should just be prepared to talk to their clients about money, multi-task effectively and be able to carry a wide variety of items.


“It’s not always a glamorous job, but it’s a fun and rewarding one,” she said.

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