JPS Cork Group: Innovating Cork Solutions for Home Decor

JPS Cork Group is revolutionizing how we use cork, offering innovative solutions to revamp your home.

By Melanie Dingeldey

With inspiration from JPS Cork Group


Have you ever opened up a bottle of wine and think of how your cork wine stopper could act as flooring in your home or be used as fabric to reupholster that dated chair you’ve been meaning to update? Well…...JPS Cork Group thinks this way! With almost a century of experience in the cork industry, JPS Cork Group has been changing the way we use cork. From stopping your wine to building your home, JPS Cork Group transforms cork into brilliant products. A true innovator in the field, JPS Cork Group has transformed cork into stunning floors, beautiful wall decor, building materials, fabric, and so much more.



Photos courtesy of JPS Cork Group


Offering many ways to use cork, JPS Cork Group is still able to think of other extraordinary ways to manufacture new products. An interview with Albertino Oliveria, responsible for Marketing and Public Relations with JPS Cork Group, details JPS Cork Group’s superior way of thinking in reimagining the use of cork.


House Tipster: JPS Cork Group is a family business in its third generation, offering many ways to incorporate cork into our everyday lives. Can you please tell our readers what JPS Cork Group’s secret is to its long-standing success?


Albertino Oliveria: The JPS Cork Group’s “secret” is a set of variables we stand by:

  • Vision and improving the family “know-how” of the cork business, which is passed from generation to generation.
  • Vertical integration of the production process and instituting a wide range of cork products.
  • Continued investment in innovative solutions, as well as people and technology to maintain and improve the competitive capacity in the cork business.
  • Confidence and a long term “win-win” attitude.


HT: After viewing your website, it is obvious your innovative ways have made an impact on the cork industry by revolutionizing the role cork plays. What do you believe explains your growing success?


Albertino: In addition to what I said prior, high-quality people, a solid corporate structure, continued “dreaming” and perseverance, high flexibility, and easy decision-making process, coupled with some “out of the box" products and processes make it all possible.


Cork serves many roles and can be used for various purposes. Albertino gives us a look into the many products that JPS Cork Group manufactures, shedding light on the fact that products are developed from recycled material. 




HT: JPS Cork Group has found some innovative way to use cork. Can you please explain your amazing products?


Albertino: Our new products have a common link: a marketing attitude, combined with new ways to apply cork products that add value on all levels. We create value for potential and actual needs, through the ability to utilize waste to fulfill new or actual market segments. The natural features of cork can be improved with new advancements, through the introduction of new composites, other technologies, and other tangible and/or intangible differentiation points.


A general attitude is the ignition point: the “Why Not Attitude.” That’s how we achieved new products like cork fabrics - made from recycled cork, the first cork football, the first cork mattress, personalized cork floors, the first cork wallpaper in rolls, the first and revolutionary cork yarn, etc.




Talk about creative minds…... JPS Cork Group is blazing the trail in the cork industry. New product creation is what keeps JPS Cork Group thriving. Albertino tells us about their latest creation: Corkoleum!




HT: JPS Cork Group uses cork in many different ways from your traditional wine stoppers to building material and flooring, to fabric and fashions. I am interested in your new concept flooring Corkoleum. Can you please explain this brilliant concept?


Albertino: The idea is to bring flexibility and curves to cork flooring, together with the traditional advantages of the cork floors. Like a “Linoleum”… but in Cork, with all, it’s unique advantages!!!




“Divina Corkoleum”  takes the best of cork to simplify your flooring needs. Inspired by the rapidly changing lifestyles of today's market, we strive to bring awareness about the sustainability of our products. Recovery and renovation of space, comfort, design, and technology meet and articulate in an extraordinary symbiosis.


For the first time, we presented a cork roll flooring. Natural, comfortable, ecological, sustainable, durable, of easy and quick application, ideal for decoration and renovation of spaces, whereas comfort, reduction and absorption of impact noise are important. This product can be used in many spaces, such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, libraries, physiotherapy rooms, gyms, and other spaces to create a comfortable and balanced environment.


Sedacor reinvents cork flooring with this new flexible product concept, providing a new experience of comfort and pleasure of living, with fewer joints and lower thickness!


HT: Divina Corkoleum offers a variety of styles to fit any living space. Which design is most popular?


Albertino: There are 3 Designs which are the most popular:

  • Grit
  • Lemon
  • Pear


Thinking about incorporating cork into your home? It is easier to install than you think, as Albertino explains the details for its installation.




HT: Installing flooring can be difficult for a rookie. How difficult is Corkoleum to install and can you explain its installation process?”


Albertino: It’s easy to install. Just follow the video at our website:


HT: Are there other products besides Corkoleum needed for its installation?


Albertino: You will need some simple tools:

  • snap-off or utility knife
  • pencil
  • measuring tape
  • ruler
  • paint roller
  • paint tray
  • bucket


With any new product, there are questions about its maintenance. Albertino tells us how easy it is to maintain your new cork floor!


HT: Opening up a bottle of red wine reveals that cork can stain. How does Corkoleum hold up against stains?


Albertino: We advise that a varnish be applied, such as Bona Traffic HD or a similar product.


HT: Maintenance is one of the key ingredients when I am shopping for flooring. How difficult is the maintenance of Corkoleum and what does that consist of?


Albertino: Maintenance is fairly simple. For a daily/weekly cleaning you can use a product like Lobacare Cleaner or Bona Spray Mop or Bona Floor Cleaner.


However, if you wish to have a more thorough cleaning, you can use Lobacare Remover. And for periodic maintenance, use Lobacare Floorcare or Bona Polish.


HT: I noticed that you have the option to chose from natural and colored finishes. Is there a difference in its maintenance?


Albertino: No, it’s the same.




Durability is a major deciding factor when choosing flooring. Talking more with Albertino reveals how durable Corkoleum is.


HT: On your website, you show weights lying on Corkoluem flooring, which seems to symbolize the durability of this product. Can you please explain the life expectancy of Corkoleum?


Albertino: It all depends on the type of use, traffic and varnish applied. But, you should expect to enjoy your new floor for many years to come!!




HT: Corkoleum is used as flooring, however, do you find other uses for it, i.e. wall coverings?


Albertino: It can be used as wall coverings, although we think we have better and lighter solutions for that purpose.




HT: As a designer, samples are important so that they can be shared with clients. Do you offer samples of Corkoleum?


Albertino: Yes, we offer samples.


When shopping for flooring, there are many things to consider. Making the right choice for your home can be difficult! For that reason, Albertino explains how Corkoleum stands up against other flooring options.


HT: Compared to that of other flooring, how does Corkoleum help reduce noise?


Albertino: It’s surely better in noise reduction, when compared to many other usual rolling flooring materials.




HT: Compared to that of other flooring, what is the comfort level of Corkoleum?


Albertino: Due to the cork and recycled rubber composition, Corkoleum is very flexible and comfortable.


HT: Can Corkoleum be installed in all rooms of the house, including bathrooms?


Albertino: Yes, of course, with the right application conditions.


Want to add some Corkoleum to your living space? Albertino tells us how to place an order!




HT: Your website has the option to request a quote for Corkoleum flooring. How long does it take to obtain a quote once requested?


Albertino: A couple of days, in a normal time period.


HT: It seems that JPS Cork Group is always inventing new products to lead the industry in cork. What steps do you take to maintain your level of competitiveness?


Albertino: In addition to advancing our products, we are also improving our marketing and production capacity. New innovative efforts are taking shape in 2 main areas:


  1. Cork stoppers/wine bottling business – this area is focused on the development of efficient and innovative solutions for cork stoppers, addressing inherent problems found in the alcoholic beverage bottling industry, including contamination of wine by TCA, and “yellowing” in high-alcohol beverages .


  1. Decoration and fashion:
  • Combining cork with other sustainable materials.
  • Upscaling the resistance of cork on light fastness, fire resistance, and light technologies. Also, incorporating new solutions for fashion, interior and exterior decoration, as well as mobility design.




Improvement in our distribution and production capacity is also taking place.


HT: JPS Cork Group has made its mark in the cork world. What is next for JPS Cork Group?


Albertino: I’ll tell you soon!!!


JPS Cork Group is a pioneer in the cork industry, creating innovative ways to cork your wine, design your home, dress up your furniture or fashion, and build using cork. These products are truly one of a kind!