What Color Should I Paint the Exterior of My Home?

The exterior of your home is the first impression of your home and, in turn, you, so you should at least take some time and consider what it should look like. There are a number of different ways you can go about this in terms of color, in addition to a number of factors that might determine your decision. If you’re struggling with this decisio, don't fret, you’ve come to the right place. Soon you’ll be able to answer the million dollar question: What color should I paint the exterior of my home?


Be a Good Neighbor

Take a look around the neighborhood, what is the general color scheme and aesthetic? Unless you want to be universally hated by your neighbors, you’d be wise to choose a color that blends somewhat into the fabric of the block. This by no means you have to paint your home the same color as your neighbors, it’s just something  to keep in mind, especially if you happen to be a member of a homeowners association.


It’s possible that all your neighbors’ homes are painted in neutral colors, and if that’s the case it might be a good idea to choose your favorite neutral color and go from there. Depending on the feel of the block you will know how bold and daring to be with your paint selection.




Think About the Style of Your Home

Do some due diligence and consider the style of your home, and after you do that it may help you decide which color is right for the project. Certain architectural styles are going to be more detailed and intricate, and they might benefit from an eye catching color. On the other hand, some house styles, like the popular Spanish Colonial, usually look best with laid back, neutral colors. A quick internet search should turn up what colors tend to go best with the style of your home – take advantage of this.



Determine the Lay of the Land

Don’t overlook the landscape of your home when it comes time to paint the house – this is one of the most overlooked aspects routinely. Does your property have a ton of trees around, a number of different slopes? If you’ve got a lot of trees that means you will have a lot of leaves littered all over your yard. And, as we know, these leaves change colors. Think about that and how they might fit in with your planned color scheme. Another thing to think about is sunshine and shade, and how the natural light will play off your house.



Go Bold

Even though we just spent some time talking about how your house should blend in with the rest of the houses in your neighborhood, just know, it doesn’t have to. Consider going bold, don’t be afraid to stand out, and if you’re comfortable painting your house in this manner all the more power to you. Don’t feel obligated to match anyone, and if you like eye popping colors you should consider painting the exterior of your home with them. Still, if you aren’t sure you want to make the whole house a loud color, maybe start with the accents or trim.



Mind the Accents and Trim

Some old Victorian style homes can look good with some bold accents or trim, instead of the entire exterior of the home. Another thing to consider is whether your home has any brick or stone on the outside, and determining which colors will go best with it. And, if you can, pick a hue that complements your roofing, whatever style it might be.



Have an End Goal in Mind

In the end, you should always have an overall vision or objective in mind, and you should consider what it might do (or not do) for the resale value of your home. If selling your home in the not too distant future is a possibility, you’d be wise to play it safe with a more neutral color. However, if you plan on being there for the long haul, feel free to have more fun with your paint colors, and don’t be afraid to experiment – no matter what some pesky neighbors might say. As long as it matches up with your personal style, let it fly.



Remember, if you’re asking what color I should paint the exterior of my home, just know that there truly is no incorrect answer. Many factors should come into play, but the ones we’ve discussed should give you a better idea of what you should be looking out for, and, what you might expect.

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