How to Get the Most Out of the Color Green

They say geniuses pick green. Meet the Parents jokes aside, green is a consistently underutilized color, and one that can bring life and energy into any room. On the color wheel, blue and yellow mixed together create green, but it isn’t as straightforward as all that – there are nearly limitless hues of green. From the extremely light to dark, green has a little something for everyone.


Before you decide which shade is right for your situation, let's explore further. Green is an overwhelmingly positive color, but it does come with a few rules, like most colors usually do. Green makes us think of the environment, nature, and growth, so before you decide which green to use in your home, find out what color combinations green works best with.


Olive Green

Olive is a dark, almost yellowish green – think of it as Army colors. It is rugged and earthy, while also having some coziness. Olive (like virtually all shades of green) goes especially well with white, like in this modern and welcoming home. The olive green walls play  well with the white doors, ceiling, and trim.



Olive can also have a lot of utility in a living room, mixed in with a bluish color, as well as other shades of green with different values. It makes for a warm yet elegant space. A yellowish olive green helps give it that modern feel as well.



Hunter green

Hunter is a much darker green on the spectrum than olive, but it can still be just as impactful in your home. It works well when used to color an accent wall, as hunter is just dark enough to help it blend beautifully in a den area or basement.



Even hunter green can come in various hues, and the darker the hunter green the more elegant it tends to look. Perfect for dining areas or home libraries.



Sage Green

Sage green is a more muted green with subtle gray undertones, and is usually a softer green. Green can work outside as well, especially if you’re living in a warm or tropical climate. Take this sage green home in Hawaii on the main island, as it’s a perfect example of working with sage green on the exterior of a home.



If painting the entire exterior of your home seems like too bold a move, a perfect balancing act may be to spruce up a door or two. It can really help make the home look more inviting and full of life. While it can be warm and cool, sage is definitely one of the safer greens, and it can often play like a neutral color.



Mint Green

Mint green tends to have an old-school feel to it, and tends to be most suitable for bathrooms. It's a light, creamy shade of green, and when done well it looks sharp. It gives this bathroom a cool feeling, similar to the post-brushing coolness imparted from our minty toothpastes.



The cool and creamy hues that mint green offers can also work really well in the bedroom. If you don’t want to commit to painting an entire wall, try adding some pop with a comforter or some throw pillows, as it will help liven up the space.



Kelly Green

Recently, Kelly green has been trending in the right direction as far as home décor goes. Kelly green can work most anywhere in the home, but a adding a little to the kitchen area packs a little extra punch to a room's vibe. It goes well with many colors (especially blue), as it looks warm and modern.



Apple Green

Who doesn’t like apples? Or, at the very least, their color. A nice Granny Smith green is a bright yet not overwhelming shade of green. It mixes well in kitchens, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. It always looks fresh and brings to mind the lushness of spring.



Use it sparingly on cabinets and drawers for accent, or feel free to go crazy and paint an entire wall – Granny Smith looks great!



Because of its warm and relaxing nature, apple green also fits seamlessly into bedrooms, and its cool notes will definitely help you drift off to sleep.



In the end, green is a strong and versatile color, and despite the fact that it comes with a some rules, it can look great almost anywhere when employed correctly. Remember to have fun with it, as experimenting with different shades of green can be a highly enjoyable experience.


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