DIY Spring Decoration Ideas for Your Home

This floral shadow box will brighten up any space to usher in the most beautiful season of the year.

By Kelly O’Roark


Now that spring is upon us, the warmer weather and nature’s beautiful color palette breathe new life into the outdoors, which is why it’s one of the most popular times of year to have weddings and other celebrations. Whether you’re having people over for brunch or hosting out-of-town guests, it’s always a good idea to bring some of those outdoor hues into your home, which is why so many homeowners search the internet for spring decorating ideas.




You don’t have to look very far at your nearest superstore or arts and crafts store to notice that there are plenty of premade decorative items from which to choose. However, sometimes it’s best to create homemade spring decorations so that you can use custom colors and designs to complement your home. If you’re looking for a way to brighten up a room with stunning colors and very little effort, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to make a floral shadow box design that will wow your guests every single time and can be reused year after year!


First, you’ll need the following items:


  • One 9-by-15-inch wooden crate with a 3-inch depth (your choice of color)
  • One 3 ½-by-5-inch wooden crate with a 2 ½-inch depth (your choice of color)
  • Two 4-inch tall small metal pails with cutout design and a 3-inch diameter base
  • One 6-inch slender decorative vase
  • One small bouquet of artificial spring flowers
  • Two LED tea light candles
  • Measuring tape




Once you’ve purchased your supplies, you’ll be able to complete this project in three simple steps.


Step 1: Grab Your Measuring Tape and Large Crate to Set the Foundation

Before we begin, you may be wondering where you can find colored wooden crates. Your local arts and crafts store should have these in stock during the spring and summer seasons. However, if you don’t find the size and/or colors that you’re looking for, you can buy plain wooden crates and paint them with acrylic paints. If you have very specific colors in mind, such as robin egg blue or daffodil yellow, you may want to buy plain crates and paint them yourself. However, for the sake of time and efficiency, it’s obviously much easier to buy pre-painted crates!


Helpful Tip: Spring décor trends for 2018 consist of bold hues, such as turquoise, melon, and fuchsia. You’ll want to find something that packs a punch in terms of color!




Once you have the colored crates of your choice, set your large wooden crate onto an end table, shelf, dresser, countertop, or any other area that you have chosen. (If you’re choosing an end table or a shelf, make sure that it’s at least 16 inches in diameter so that the entire decorative piece will fit.) When it comes to DIY spring table decorations, it’s always good to make sure that you have enough space ahead of time, and this spring décor design is approximately 16 inches in length.


Once you use your measuring tape to confirm that you have enough room, place the large rectangular crate in a vertical position so that it stands tall in the middle of the table.


Step 2: Create Mini Luminaries and Add a Flower Stand

Take both of your LED tea lights and turn them on, and then place one in each of your metal pails. I choose flickering tea lights so that it has the same warmth and light movement of real flame. When it comes to the metal pails, it’s important to choose ones that have a cutout design so that the light shines through, so be sure to choose ones that some sort of pattern that allows light to come out on the other side.




Once you’ve placed both candles in the pails, set one pail to the left of the large wooden crate and the other pail to the right. (To add soft, warm light to your décor, there are so many options if you want to make DIY decorative home lights — some of which include small crates and LED tea lights like the ones used in this project!)




Next, grab your small wooden crate and place it in the middle of the base of the large crate, with the open side facing down so that it forms a stand or platform.


Step 3: Place Your Flowers in the Vase and Put the Vase on the Small Crate

Take your small floral bouquet and place it in the decorative vase. If you made your own bouquet and the stems are too long, you may need wire cutter or scissors. However, you can find small premade bouquets (5 or 6 inches in height) at your local arts and crafts, which is what I chose (again, to save time and energy). Even if you buy a premade bouquet, make sure that the flower blossoms are right above the lip of the vase so that you don’t see any stems showing.




Once you’ve found the right height, place the flower vase on top of the small crate, and voila! You’ve created a stunning floral shadow box! I’ve placed this decorative piece on a side table in my guest bedroom, and love that it gives a soft glow to accentuate the bright colors in an otherwise lonely corner of the room. It’s truly amazing how a few simple supplies and complementary colors can make DIY spring room decorations stand out from the crowd!




Images used with permission, courtesy of Kelly O'Roark

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