Great Ways to Welcome Spring into Your Home

Welcome spring into your home by implementing these simple and creative interior design tips.

By Khushboo Jain


Say “adieu” to dull winter blues and grays, and invite spring into your home by applying perky patterns, lively motifs, and vivid colors. Create a springtime feel in your home with these DIY interior design tips!


Fresh Flower Arrangements

Fresh flowers are the simplest and perhaps the most affordable way to welcome spring into your home. A simple yet tasteful flower arrangement with deep hues of sunny yellow, purple, and fresh green in a tall glass vase will provide you and your guests with a gentle reminder of the new spring season. You can also make arrangements from springtime blossoms as these not only add freshness but provide a sweet whiff of fragrance too.




If you prefer something more permanent, plant small pots or a window box with your favorite springtime flowers like petunias and daisies. Find more balcony garden tips here




Jazz Up Your Walls

Wallpapers are not a fast fix, but they’re pretty easy to maintain. One of the best ways to invite spring into your home is by applying a floral patterned wallpaper or wall decal to an accent wall. Opt for colors like green, lucent blue, and yellow as these add springtime freshness to space. For the bold interior designers out there, also consider adding a living wall merges your home with the beautiful spring environment. 




Reupholster Existing Furniture

Changing the fabric of your current furniture is an excellent way to add brightness and freshen up your décor. You can choose to reupholster your favorite chair or your entire sofa set. For example, if your walls are all white, consider bright colors such as red or mustard yellow. Both colors are daring and very “springy.” Most importantly, they work! Add some extra color by throwing in pillows, lampshades, rugs, and throws. The decision will be dictated by your budget.




Add New Accessories

With the coming of spring comes more light – and not just sunlight. Many of us associate spring with fireflies creating flashes of sparks all around us as the sun sets. You can create the same effect indoors by hanging clustered lights in a pattern, adding elegance to your space and enveloping it in a golden sheen.




Create a Splash

The arrival of spring also brings with it a renewed focus on health and getting fit. If you have a swimming pool, now is the time to get it cleaned and ready for use. Make swimming a part of your daily exercise regimen. It will also help you soak up some vitamin D.




Add Greenery to Your Pergola

Outdoor seating areas and pergolas are centered around winter bonfires. With the arrival of spring, it’s time to up their green quotient. Add permanent shrubs and lush creepers, along with potted plants and bamboo. Imagine spending a mellow spring evening sipping on a cup tea and listening to the gentle rustling of leaves and vines of your pergola!




Create a Lounge on Your Balcony

Spring is the best season for enjoying a nap outdoors or even sipping on the cup of evening tea. Make the most of your precious balcony space by adding a classy lounge. This will create an inviting space for both you and your guests.




It’s the perfect time to refresh your home décor and add some cheer and positive energy. So what are you waiting for?!


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