Fragrant Houseplants that will Freshen Your Home Naturally

We all want our home to smell fresh and inviting, but in a world of air freshener sprays, fabric refreshers, candles, plug-ins, and wax melts, it’s easy to find yourself living in a chemical fog. These five great-smelling houseplants will scent your home naturally while adding extra color and charm to your rooms too.



Geraniums don’t just come in different shapes and sizes. They come in a mind-blowing array of fancy scents like rose, lemon, mint, lime, nutmeg, and even chocolate. They’re easy to grow as long as you have sun exposure. Just water your geranium regularly, feed it with plant food every now and then, and park it in the windowsill, where it can soak up the sun. It will repay you with a lovely scent.




Gardenias have long been known for their powerfully fragrant and elegant white flowers. A bit on the high-maintenance side, they require a ton of light and prefer a humid environment without any cold drafts. They also need less water with more fertilizer in the spring, and more water with less fertilizer in the fall. A little extra work is well worth it, though, for the unrivaled fragrance and stunning appearance this plant provides.



Oncidium Orchid

While many types of orchid are not scented, the Oncidium variety is both one of the most fragrant and easiest to care for. Oncidium orchids come in a variety of sweet, chocolaty, or herbal scents and do not require full sun exposure. They do prefer more water in the spring and summer months than in the fall and winter, and offer a large selection of colors and sizes to go along with their impressively vibrant fragrances.




Lavender doesn’t just look pretty and offer an enjoyable scent, it also aids in sleep and relaxation, making it the ideal houseplant for the bedroom or bathroom. This easygoing plant loves light, doesn’t mind cooler temperatures, and only requires occasional light watering. In fact, too much water is the top killer of potted Lavender. A small amount of work provides a big reward when it comes to this beautiful and beneficial flower.



Tea Rose Begonia

Tea Rose Begonia, unlike other Begonia varieties, has a subtle and sweet scent. It also offers magnificent and abundant year-round tropical pink flowers, which are sure to add the perfect touch of color to any room. Easy to grow and care for, Tea Rose Begonias require direct sunlight, a bit of humidity, and consistent pruning to thrive in your home.


Harsh chemical fragrances are easy to use, but they’re also costly, and may aggravate common conditions like asthma and allergies. Add one or more of these naturally scented houseplants to your home to experience fragrance the way nature intended and you won’t miss those old bottles, beads, or candles at all.



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