How to Hide Wires Without Putting Holes in Your Walls

Here’s a neat trick to hide your electronics’ wires and keep them untangled for just $5!

By Jessica Dotson


Have you noticed that almost everybody has a LOT of electronic devices these days? TVs, printers, computers, chargers, landlines, video game consoles, Blu-Ray players…. Everything’s plugged in and running up our electric bills. But more importantly, your floors can end up looking like this!




Besides looking unsightly, all the tangled wires in our homes create a potential deathtrap for clumsy people like me. Many of us are renters, so we can’t be putting holes in our walls to hide all those wires. So, are we doomed to live in a mess of tangled wires? Not if I have anything to say about it! I have a solution!


The Tool



I know… It’s a bit underwhelming. But in just a few minutes, this baby will clean up your space and keep your wires from getting tangled again. This is just simple plastic tubing you can get at any hardware store. It comes in different lengths, diameters, styles, colors, and prices. I’ve seen some that are gray with ridges and also some that are clear and smooth. The cheapest I’ve seen anywhere cost about $5.


Two suggestions:

1. Measure the length of your wires. You don’t need to get a super-duper long tube if your wires aren’t super-duper long. Get the size tube you need for the length of wire you have.


2. Get tubing that is nearly the same color as your floor so your tube can blend in with it. Mine is black because our carpet is a deep dark blue, as you’ll see in a moment.


Preparation and Application

Sometimes the tubes come pre-cut from the store, and other times they don’t. If your tube isn’t pre-cut, that’s OK. All you have to do is cut down the middle of the tube from end to end with a pair of scissors. That’s it! The prep work is done. Now let’s get those wires out of our sight!




Just gather your loose wires and put them into a tight bundle. You could use twist ties to keep them together and make this job a little easier if you’re dealing with several wires.




After you bunch all your wires together, put them into the tubing via the slit you made earlier. Another good thing about this trick is that you can always put more wires into the tube if you get a new device. Conversely, any wire is easy to remove when you decide to get rid of its respective device.




Voila! Now look at that! Our space looks nice and tidy! The wires are untangled and tucked away in the tubing. And the color of the tubing has made it a lot less noticeable, so it makes the room look tidier. Just be sure to keep your tubing along the edges of a room or you’ll still have a tripping hazard.


That was easy, and we didn’t have to lose any of our security deposit!


Images used with permission, courtesy of Jessica Dotson

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