Quick Tips for Tackling the Tupperware Cabinet

Who knew food storage containers could be so orderly?

By Erica Young


Dinner is over and it’s time to put away the leftovers. You know what happens next. You open your Tupperware cabinet only to be met with an avalanche of random lids pouring out on top of you. Now the search for the correct lid to match your chosen container begins. Eventually you give up and cover the leftovers with foil. The whole ordeal is much more frustrating than it needs to be.


Time to tackle the Tupperware and finally get it organized. I recently took on this project after I realized how many curse words I was using every time I opened my own chaotic cabinet. Here are a few simple tips to get the job done.


Admit You Have a Problem

This is one of those organizing projects no one wants to do, and we repeatedly put it at the bottom of our to-do list. Even as an organization lover, I continued to ignore my Tupperware, and you can see where that got me. Set aside half an hour and meet this beast head on. You’ll be happy when it’s done.




Empty the Whole Cabinet

You may think you can just sort through your collection piece by piece. But my advice when organizing any closet or cabinet, is to empty it entirely. This helps you see exactly what you’re working with – both in number of containers and size of cabinet storage. While it’s empty, give the shelf and the whole cabinet interior a good wipe down.




Match Up the Lids

Now it’s time to match your lids to your vessels. Find the right pair of each lid and container and set aside the extras. How is it that we all end up with extra lids? Like the legend of the lost socks in the laundry, this is another household mystery we’ll solve another day. Along with your unattached lids, also remove any stray items that don’t belong in the Tupperware cabinet. In my case I had some pot and pan lids that needed to be relocated. I decided to keep the lunch boxes and reusable grocery bags in this cabinet, as they correspond with the food storage purpose.




Put Everything Back

Next, it’s time to put everything back in the cabinet, nice and tidy. Some might like to keep the lids on their containers. I like to separate them out for better stacking. I decided to grab a metal file folder sorter for my lids. The three slim pockets were the perfect size. For my glass storage containers, I kept the lids on because they fit nicely inside each other. I placed my reusable bags in a plastic container I had lying around, and stacked the lunchboxes up on the shelf.




There you have it. Who knew food storage containers could be so orderly? I love getting in this cabinet and knowing exactly where to find everything. Now that I can see exactly what I have, it’s clear that I could benefit from buying a few more Tupperware pieces. It’s surprising what’s left once the useless clutter is cleared away. Ready to take on this project yourself? Don’t put it off any longer! You’ve got this.





Images used with permission, courtesy of Erica Young

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