Kindle Living: Innovation in Luxury Outdoor Heating & Lighting

Kindle Living is lighting your yard and warming your bones with their one-of-a-kind outdoor lamps. Bring style to your outdoor space!

By Melanie Dingeldey
With inspiration from Kindle Living


Staying indoors because your outdoor area lacks the appropriate lighting and warmth? Kindle Living has the solution! A true pioneer, Kindle Living reinvented the way in which we enjoy the outdoors. Large lamps that serve as light and heat, expands your home’s square footage. Their innovative products were founded on the realization that a need was not being met. Say goodbye to early nights in and hello to beautiful evenings in your new outdoor oasis!




This brand is so unique, we had to learn more about them. House Tipster had the pleasure of speaking with David, Founder of Kindle Living, to gain insight on what sets Kindle Living apart from the rest. An interview with David reveals why Kindle Living is so remarkable.




House Tipster: Kindle Living is truly one-of-a-kind in creating the perfect outdoor space through the use of style, heat and light. Would you tell our readers how Kindle Living does it?


David: First, thank you for acknowledging that we are “one-of-a-kind.” I think that speaks to the heart of our vision – innovation and originality. We are a lifestyle brand. Our goal is to enhance and elevate the entire outdoor living experience, yet, at the same time, our products are whimsical and fun. They are unexpected. We don’t sell heaters, we provide an experience. We curate an environment.




HT: Large outdoor lamps that offer heat and light to expand your living space is a unique and brilliant concept. What is your inspiration behind this idea?


David: The idea that a client could have a brilliant vision for a space, bring in the best designers, the most talented architects, the most amazing furniture craftsmen, and then have no high-end, luxury solution for heat and light, is why we started Kindle Living. We had an early client come in for one of his hotels with a master purchase plan of 5000 line items, and nowhere on it was heat. We found that heaters were typically ordered by the same person who ordered the toilet paper and hand dryers for the bathroom, and that didn’t complement the design team’s vision or the design space’s outcome.




HT: After viewing your website, it’s obvious your innovative ways have made an impact by creating a sophisticated outdoor retreat through the use of light and heat. What do you believe explains your growing success?


David: Everyone wants to be outdoors. Today’s architects and designers really take into consideration the relationship and flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, and the way those spaces are used. The creating of a truly chic, multi-purpose outdoor room is as much a priority as the rest of the design plan. It’s premium square footage, after all. From an intimate backyard patio to a large-scale restaurant deck, our goal remains the same. We are like a really cozy cashmere wrap, providing just the right amount of light to enhance the mood and conversation. Not to mention, fresh air and a cool breeze…why would you ever want to be indoors? The smoking bans pushed people outdoors over the last 20 years and people never wanted to go back inside. Here is a video of a bar in Jordan. Speaks wonders to what a couple Kindles can do to a rooftop space. Doesn’t take a lot. Here is the video.




HT: Kindle Living offers a variety of styles and accessories to spruce up your outdoor space. Which design is most popular?


David: It’s amazing to see how this has changed over time. Sometimes the newest design becomes the most popular for a time, and then it quickly changes back to one of the models that has become a standard in certain properties. Sierra is currently having a really great moment. With its sustainable wood and impeccable craftsmanship, it’s an absolute statement piece. Hand dovetailed with such precision and care, the combination of heat and wood is a real marvel and testament to the artistry of our craftsman. Allison, in Black or White will always be a staple product. It’s perfect for those clients looking for a classic shape that also fits into many different architectural environments. Allison looks amazing in contemporary, traditional, and industrial spaces. The design is really timeless.




Not only does Kindle Living have a grip on style, innovation, and delivering a lifestyle to their customers, Kindle Living has also hosted many outdoor occasions, from Red Carpet Events, to onscreen TV shows. Speaking with David further explains how they do it.


HT: Your products have been featured at many big events, including red carpet shows, and serviced world-renowned clients. How were you able to immerse yourself into these markets?


David: Our rental company partnerships have been a part of our business model since we opened our doors. The idea that a photographer didn’t have to worry about photoshopping an old, rusted heater out of the photo was industry changing. And it didn’t hurt when Kindle Living heaters were photo-bombing celebrity red carpets and popping up on television shows. In the past, patio heaters were the bane of event planners around the world. Now, people are celebrating our appearance and presence. They are specifying our products. We do parties well. We can change the atmosphere and look of a setting, whether it’s few Kindles in a backyard garden, or thirty lining the studio lot at Warner Brothers. We were the first product of any type to be placed directly on the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes. We were part of the experience and, yes, we were the hottest thing on the Red Carpet that night. Ryan Seacrest gave us our first shout-out on national television.




HT: What would you say to the everyday fashionista looking to add light and heat to their outdoor living space on a budget?


David: Our goal is make outdoor spaces more usable and enjoyable, while elevating the aesthetic. As a designer, you want to create environments that are beautiful and functional, and you want your clients to enjoy the spaces as often as they can. Kindle Living has responsibility to help make that a realistic possibility. We think there’s huge value in a client being able to enjoy his or her outdoor patio year-round. For our commercial properties, we allow a bar or restaurant to get more turns out of a table on the courtyard, more opportunities for clients to enjoy a cocktail on a deck. Yes, budget is always an issue, and heaters haven’t traditionally been a priority in the design process. We’ve changed that, and now designers and individuals have realized there’s value in investing in our products. The truth is, no matter how great a space is, if you’re cold, nobody is going to enjoy it.




Staying ahead of demands is what truly sets Kindle Living apart from its’ competitors. House Tipster wanted to pick the brain of these trendsetters and find out what gives them their edge.


HT: I noticed the Sierra is one of your newer concepts and is a limited edition. Are you planning on creating a limited-edition line?


David: Limited editions are a great way for us to push into new spaces and test markets. Introducing wood to the world of outdoor heating was an intriguing proposition and seemed like a natural progression to our line, but considering its relationship to heat, combined with our products need to withstand year-round exposure to outdoor elements, we were presented with a unique set of challenges. As an innovator, our Managing Director and Chief Creative, Arturo Fis, was up for the task, and we think he nailed it across the board with a heater that’s a cutting-edge blend of art and function. As for our next project, you’ll have to wait and see, but we will always be visionaries at our core.




HT: The “lamp shade” gives your products a stylish touch. However, they also serve a bigger purpose, can you please explain what this is?”


David: “The shade is a wonderful design element, but, you’re right, the design is both purposeful and critical in how it distributes and maintains heat. A lot of the science that goes into the process is our “secret sauce." Let’s just say the user ends up with more efficient heat, greater throw of warmth, and a safer product when in proximity to a flammable material.




HT: How did you come up with the dual-purpose idea of the lamp shade?


David: We wanted it to look better and work better. It was a lot of prototyping and problem solving. We considered the longstanding issues with patio heaters and worked to resolve those hurdles. If you have ever been to a party and there’s a slight breeze, you see people huddled down-wind because only half the heater’s burner is working. That was one of issues we tackled. And we did it without compromising design.




Looking to host an outdoor event, David explains how you can rent a kindle to create a luxurious, yet comfortable atmosphere.


HT: Your website makes it easy to purchase one of your products. However, do you offer a rental option for those looking to make a statement when planning an event?


David: We have several rental partners. The largest is Classic Party Rentals, a company with locations across the United States. In California, you can also call our partner, Town and Country, they plan incredible events incorporating our products.




HT: Due to the size and weight of your products, it appears that a dolly is needed to move them about. Your website offers a dolly option to transport your products, however, is their one provided with the purchase of a heater?


David: Dolly is our three-wheeling solution that can move around a Kindle with very little effort on your part. It’s an add-on option at the time of purchase. That said, Kindle products don’t need Dolly to move short distances as the base is a circle and can be tilted and rotated on its axis. However, we do suggest Dolly for those properties that have 10, 20, 30+ Kindles that need to be moved around, or over long distances. See our little love story video here starring Dolly and Allison.




HT: You have six different styles, with options to make each one your own. How do you respond to someone wanting a custom-made heater?


David: Custom-made colors are usually only available when placing an order of 50 pieces or more. The material we use is technical and that means a lot of time and resources spent to get it right. The great news is that we offer programmable multicolor lights in the base of the white units, so you can always make it your own.




HT: I noticed that the heaters which illuminate have options for white lighting or colored lighting. Does the colored lighting option come stand with one color or the ability to switch colors on demand?


David: You have both options. You can order the white Alabaster Kindles with white lights, which offer this magical, glowy, translucent quality that’s very soft and flattering. However, if you want a variety of colors, you have the option of programmable multicolored lights, which can be set on a specific color, or can flow through a rainbow assortment. It gives a lot of flexibility to customize the product, which is a large part of our commitment to whimsy and creating a mood. Since the lights are fueled by rechargeable batteries, it allows for complete mobility. Take Your Kindle to a date night on the beach - enjoy light and heat, as well as the ocean sounds.


Outdoor living is what Kindle Living is all about. The overall tone is what draws in their design and creates a product like no other. David tells us how kindles are used set the mood.


HT: How do you feel your product has contribute to the overall atmosphere of outdoor spaces?


David: We have been very fortunate to become an award-winning brand in what was, for the most part, business without a recognizable brand. Our heating engine partner and OEM is the father of patio heating, makes the best product available in the world, and does it right here in the USA. We have been fortunate to have Bob and his team as our partners since the beginning. With his talent, and Arturo’s designs, we have built a global brand that grabs attention and gets people talking. People are drawn to the product, they recognize it, and understand its potential to transform outdoor spaces. If you go to Nobu in Malibu, you will see Kindles keeping diners warm while they sit next to the ocean on a cold winter’s night. In summer months, properties use the lighting as a way to set a mood, or as an architectural element of design. Our mission is to make outdoor spaces usable for as much of the year as possible, and to do it with the best product, impeccable design, while keeping the manufacturing right here in southern California.




HT: Does Kindle Living see itself breaking into other markets?


David: Glad you asked. We already have! We have a lighting division with two designs currently in production, the Lumen and the Blumen, both of which are modeled after the Allison and Bella heaters respectively, minus the heat. These products have been unbelievably well received in both the indoor and outdoor lighting market. We like to say our lamps are a good excuse to leave the light on!


HT: Kindle Living has already experienced great success, but are your creative minds still working to create more innovative new products? 


David: Sometimes being an outsider is the best place to stand when you look at the world. We have a pipeline that will be following the same design and utilitarian philosophy that was used to address the heater market 10 years ago and we are excited to get moving on it.




HT: Kindle Living has made its mark in the outdoor living world. What is next for Kindle Living?


David: Time will tell, but whatever it is, trust us, it’s gonna be hot!


Not only is Kindle Living stylish, but they also have well made products. David shares Kindle Living’s philosophy that products should “work better, look better, be made in the USA and be made of recyclable materials." From its beginning, Kindle Living has maintained its original partnership and all products are designed and manufactured from southern California.


Kindle Living is a model for how to expand your living space, creating innovative ways to deliver the best outdoor experience through style, heat and lighting! Not only is Kindle Living stylish, but they also have well-made products that could withstand the test of time.




Images used with permission, courtesy of Kindle Living

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