Renovating Your Master Bath? Save Time & Money with Quality Urbatek Tiles

Don't waste your time with lackluster tiles when renovating your master bathroom, Go with a quality tile supplier like Urbatek from the start.

By Mike Derickson
Inspired by Urbatek


You know the old saying: “You get what you pay for.” While that may not always be true, it often is when  renovating your home. I recently learned this lesson the hard way.


My wife and I bought our first home about a year ago. It wasn’t exactly a fixer-upper, but it definitely needed some upgrades. Being the handyman that I am, I decided to do most of the renovations myself. In the end, I am proud of my achievements, but I made a few major blunders along the way. I could write a novel about my home improvement experiences, but today I want to tell you about one of the biggest mistakes I made: buying cheap tile for the master bathroom.


My wife and I had to make a home renovation budget, deciding where we could splurge and where we had to spend cautiously. Knowing we wanted a marble look in the master bathroom, we thought buying some cheap porcelain tiles from a major box store would be good way to go. We were wrong.   


A dozen boxes of tiles were conveniently delivered to our house and they looked great — at first. I opened one of the boxes, laid out the pieces, made a few cuts, and things were going smoothly. But when I opened the second box, half of the tiles were not only the wrong color, but the wrong porcelain, too.




With my blood pressure rising, I unpacked all dozen boxes and was astonished that three of the boxes had the wrong tiles, and another two were full of smashed tile pieces. 




I had to waste a ton of time getting the big box store to correct their error. They said they’d deliver new boxes, but I’d have to wait a week. In the meantime, I began to work with the good pieces of tile, but things continued to go awry. A lot of the “good” pieces started breaking easily, and the project quickly became a nightmare. What should have been a two or three-day job turned into a two-week saga.


After all this rigmarole and trying to get a refund from the big box store (which was only semi-successful), I decided to prevent any future headaches by going with the tile pros at Urbatek. I knew I was going to pay a little more, but I also knew with 100-percent certainty that I was not going to have any issues with them. My wife and I picked out an Urbatek tile called Soul Frost, and it was amazing. I held Urbatek’s tile side-by-side with the big box store’s tile, and there was no comparison. Urbatek’s tile looks light years better, and even a home improvement novice like me could feel the difference in quality. 


I resumed my master bath project, and it was an absolute pleasure working with Urbatek’s tile. It was incredibly durable — not a single piece broke, but it was still easy to cut and easy to install.




I finished the bathroom renovation about six months ago, and it still looks perfect. There are no cracks, spots, stains… nada! All the Urbatek tile still looks brand new today.




From this experience, I learned that if I had just spent a little extra money in the beginning by opting for a professional tile supplier specialist instead of a big box store, I would have actually saved money in the long run. I’m usually not the type of person who holds much brand loyalty, but I certainly am now when it comes to tile. I rate Urbatek’s tile 10 out of 10. Don’t make the same mistake I did when it comes to renovating a master bath, and go with a quality tile supplier like Urbatek from Porcelanosa.




Images used with permission, courtesy of Mike Derickson and Urbatek

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