Every Kitchen Hack That You Need to Know

I like to spend more time cooking than cleaning my kitchen. Thankfully, these kitchen tricks help me stay on top of the cleaning.

By Jamie Goodwin


Hate cleaning? Like saving time? Then check out these kitchen hacks you need to know to spend less time keeping your kitchen clean!


1. Cling Wrap Your Fridge

One of my favorite kitchen storage tips involves cling wrap. I spend a lot of time wiping out my fridge when spilled drinks, leaking condiments, and messy food get all over the shelves. To cut back on cleaning time, I’ve learned that you can line your fridge shelves with cling wrap. When food gets on the shelves, all you need to do is pull it off and replace it. It’s one of my favorite time-saving kitchen ideas to use.




2. Baking Soda-Vinegar Cleaner

If you’ve ever mixed baking soda and vinegar together, you know that they create a chemical reaction. When you put these ingredients down a drain, the chemical reaction helps clean the drain. Goodbye food particles and odors! Use this mixture to clean the sink, oven, stove hood, and other appliances around your kitchen, too.




3. Tracking Food Apps

How much food do your household members waste every year? Would it help to know when things are going to expire? Would it help to get cooking tricks and tips to use with the food in your pantry? There are several apps available to help you know what food you have in your home, when food is expiring, when you need to replace food, how to make food last longer, and what meals you can make with the foods you have on hand. Some of the apps that can be uses for these tasks:




Cloud-Freezer app


4. Cleaning with Kool-Aid

When was the last time you cleaned your dishwasher? Your dishwasher may do a great job cleaning your dishes, but you need to give it a good rinse every so often, too. Try placing lemonade flavored drink mix into the dishwasher. Then, run a cycle with the dishwasher empty. The citric acid in the lemonade can remove any buildup or stains inside your dishwasher.




5. Pantyhose Instruments

I don’t get around to cleaning underneath my larger appliances as often as I should. For one thing, it’s hard to move the refrigerator out of place to clean under it. If you didn’t have to move the refrigerator, wouldn’t you clean under it more often? Try this. Take an old pair of pantyhose. Put it on the end of your broom handle. Then, sweep it under the refrigerator. The pantyhose will pick up dust, dirt, and debris that was hiding under your fridge without having to move it.


I like to spend more time cooking than cleaning my kitchen. Thankfully, these kitchen tricks help me stay on top of the cleaning. What are your time-saving kitchen ideas? Tell us about them in the comments below.




Images used with permission, courtesy of Kasper Hjortsballe, www.dreamstime.com, and www.shutterstock.com

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