The Merits of Making Your Bed

There’s a logic that persists among busy adults that making your bed when scrambling out the door in the morning is a waste of time. This logic is also pervasive among morning-zombified teenagers who like to add the philosophical question, “What’s the point?” to this seemingly frivolous debate. After all, they’ll just be returning to bed in a few hours so, yeah, what’s the point?


The point is that while making your bed may not be a life or death decision, it does, in fact, matter. Beyond adhering to the basic tenets of good housekeeping, making your bed allows you to start your day off with a simple task that reminds you that productivity and good optics have real benefits.


Starting Your Day by Putting Something in Order

It only takes a couple of minutes, and yet, the positive effects of completing this micro job first thing in the morning linger on both your physical and psychological self. You’re awake. You’re up. You’re moving.


Granted, this isn’t exactly a cardiovascular workout, but it’s something that helps to get your blood circulating. Tugging and smoothing sheets, tucking in their ends, fluffing pillows — it all counts. Now, look! You’ve already accomplished something. You’ve been awake for all of 4 minutes and you’ve already gotten something done. Such instant gratification can only bolster your can-do attitude, making you ready to face the rest of your day. Plus, it looks much better, doesn’t it?



Overall Bedroom Aesthetic

My grandmother used to say that when you don’t make your bed, your whole room looks dirty. Whether you’ve recently dusted, vacuumed, or polished to perfection, if your bed isn’t made, your efforts will go unnoticed. The eye will immediately find the chaos that’s your unmade bed and fail to notice the beauty of anything else in the vicinity.



Want your flair for decorating to shine through? It likely won’t if your bed’s unmade. Want your heirloom painting hanging over your bed to take center stage? No such luck. Unless you take a couple of minutes to tame your tussled cocoon, the only thing that will garner any attention will be your tussled cocoon.


An unmade bed will distract from the overall loveliness of your bedroom and make the whole of it guilty by association. You may very well be clean and neat, but an unmade bed is capable of fooling people into assuming otherwise. It can also act as a sort of subconscious directive instructing you to dismiss orderliness while you’re in the space.



An Unmade Bed Leads to Clothes Pile-ups

An unmade bed says it’s open to receive more of a mess. If you’re the type of person who rarely settles on the first thing you put on in the morning, then an unmade bed will soon become home to a pile of unflattering clothes.


You may already have a designated piece of furniture such as a chair to fulfill this duty, but that won’t matter. Your unmade bed will become “the chair” because it already has that undone vibe. 



A bed that’s made, by contrast, acts as a pseudo clothes repellent. You won’t want to toss your entire wardrobe onto it. It will appear undisturbed and so you will not care to disturb it with clutter of any kind.


Along these same lines, you also won’t want to bring your take-out into your bed either. A made bed keeps food out of it. This means no crumbs or weird ketchup stains will appear. This is a good thing because when you eat in bed you run the risk of attracting pests like ants and roaches into it. Without stuff residing both on and in your bed, the only thing it will be ready to welcome into it at the end of the day will be you.



Welcome to a Good Night’s Sleep

You’ve had a long day. It’s been the kind of day that made you so tired, the only thing you want to do is fall into bed when you finally get home. Notice how the welcoming and comforting image in your mind’s eye isn’t a tangled wrinkle fest buried under every pair of jeans you own or sprinkled with the remnants of crispy noodles.


A perfectly made bed is waiting at home to invite you into its cool, taut sheets. Your comforter will envelop you without having to first be snatched up off the floor and set right. Your head will find a pillow that’s soft and not the least bit misshapen. You’ve been looking forward to this all day, and now here you are.



All signs point to your being prepped for a good and restful night’s sleep in your cozy bed. The alarm clock will sound in the morning and you will be able to start yet another day off on the right foot.


Just as soon as you make your bed.


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