Old World Meets Modern Day: The Mary Jurek Way

If you're looking to spruce up your interior design, Mary Jurek's handmade decor items are superbly crafted pieces that are both stylish and functional.

By Tina Jepson
With inspiration from Mary Jurek Design.


If you want to understand what motivates renowned jewelry and watch artist-turned luxury-goods designer Mary Jurek, think about these words featured on her company website: “What is made by the hand is made by the soul.”


While there’s no doubt that you can easily decorate your home with the latest designs in decor, if you’re interested in adornments made of consciously-sourced materials, supporting companies powered by women entrepreneurs, and finding servingware, barware, and home decor that perfectly blends art and function — then make Mary Jurek’s website your first stop.


By combining beautiful, timeless materials with modern form and function, Mary Jurek is setting a new standard when it comes to practical art. Whether you’re the queen of mid-century modern or obsessed with contemporary styles, you’ll find the right details guaranteed to turn heads from Mary’s design collection.


As you’ll see below, almost everything created by Mary is inspired by nature because — in her own words — nature is effortless. “The colors, textures, and composition give us a sense of balance — something we all strive to achieve in our own lives.”  


Here’s a quick snapshot of some of our favorite Mary Jurek designs. I guarantee, by the end of this post, your online wish list will be full!




If You’re into Retro Styles

Even if you have a perfectly retro kitchen complete with teak cabinets and ergonomic chairs, keep in mind that it’s often the details that elevate your style to the next level.


Show off your fun, funky style with artistic, handmade housewares. This gray and blue carafe set is the perfect accent for your next garden party. Why choose a basic ceramic platter when you can display your side dishes in this apple-shaped bowl?  The latter is a must for anyone obsessed with the vintage fruit designs popular in the 1940s and 50s.




If Mixing Stainless Steel with Natural Elements is Your Cup of Tea

Mixing natural and manufactured elements is the perfect way to soften your home’s overall feel. Just as you’d add steel countertops to accentuate the wood cabinets in your contemporary kitchen, combining two opposing mediums does wonders in creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.


Mary agrees. In fact, combining stainless steel and wood is her favorite way to add a natural contrast. “I love working with metal and my favorite medium for our lifestyle tableware collection is stainless steel.  It is sleek, modern, and ideal for serving food. My second favorite medium is rich, dark wood.  Warm and earthy, wood contrasts perfectly with the hard, shiny metal. Together they create the ultimate yin and yang in tableware.”


Impress your guests or simply enjoy this Sierra square wood cheese tray with hammered stainless steel frame when you’re in the mood to snack in style. It’s Mary’s favorite piece in her entire collection because it’s both versatile and practical — there are so many ways to use it. Hint: you can easily remove the wood panel and you have a serving platter for meats and vegetables.




Avoid those dreaded condensation rings on your coffee table by investing in a quality coaster set. We can’t stop checking out Mary Jurek’s rosewood coaster set because of the attractive and positively unique crocodile pattern.




If You Can’t Get Enough of Bold Color Choices That Pop

When color is your signature style element, a bright orange wall paint sometimes isn’t enough to satisfy your need for all things bright and cheery.


Enter Mary Jurek’s swoon-worthy candy bowls. Of course, you don’t have to store candy in this decadent cobalt blue bowl, but something so beautiful definitely deserves to be filled with something sinfully delicious. Mary calls this particular bowl the ultimate housewarming gift, bound to please any host or hostess. “With its blue hue, it’s an eye-catching object d’art on a tabletop or it also makes a fantastic nut bowl or candy dish.”




If you’re going “big” dessert-wise, don’t overlook the pink heart dessert tray, also a crowd favorite.




If You’re Eager to Find Something You Don’t See Every Day

I get it, you’re tired of the “same old.” Aren’t we all? That’s why, when you find something truly unique that you don’t see every day, you have to jump on it.


One-of-a-kind housewares are almost guaranteed to draw attention, including this Morocco salad set made of hand-carved buffalo horns.  




As you can see, there’s something for everyone in Mary Jurek’s collection. In her own words, “Everything is handmade, resulting in the most superbly crafted pieces in style and functionality.” What more can you ask for?


Images used with permission, courtesy of Mary Jurek Design Inc

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