Orientalist Home: The Beauty Is in the Details

Orientalist Home has an inspiring selection.

By Tina Jepson
With inspiration from Gady Yesilcay of Orientalist Home


Have you ever been blown away by the curb appeal of a home, but the inside seemed like it was missing something? You can have enough space and furniture to fill an airplane hangar, but if you’re lacking in character — it shows.


Thus, it goes without saying that even the smallest, simplest touches can transform a house from average to envy-worthy.


But what’s even better is if those “touches” have a story. And that’s why we’re so inspired by the rug and textile collection at Orientalist Home. Every rug offered by Gady Yesilcay and his team is hand-selected because it’s beautiful, timeless, and has a story to tell — the very things you need to create the perfect aesthetic at home.




If you’re looking to beautify your own home, think beyond wall colors and major renovations. Instead, focus on adding details that are not only beautiful, but also emotion-invoking.


The Right ‘Feels’

The type of fabrics you choose to use around your home will dictate whether friends and family want to relax and hang out or head back home after a dinner party.


Since different fabrics create different “feels,” think about how you want to feel in your room, and choose textiles that help brings those feelings to the surface. For example, soft, billowy linen curtains create a calming feel perfect for summer cottages and sunrooms. On the other hand, thick wool carpets evoke a sense of warmth and coziness — great for lounging and enjoying a hot cup of tea in your living room.




A refurbished vintage Turkish hemp kilim rug in beige or blue, such as  this one offered by Orientalist Home, will do wonders in tying together different colors within your living room or master bedroom while creating a soft, inviting atmosphere. Best of all, like all hemp kilim rugs, it’s handmade and one of a kind!




Pops of Color

The right colors can alter the feel of a room and influence your own mood.


Just as you match a room’s paint color to the way you want to feel in that room (e.g. calm bedroom=blue, inspirational study=green, cheery kitchen=yellow), think about the colors you use in your home decor.




If your walls are on the more neutral end of the spectrum (gray, white, ivory, etc.) then a splash of color throughout your decor can help to bring some excitement and energy into your rooms. For example, consider a carpet with geometric designs in a rainbow of hues, like this Beni Ouarain Moroccan rug. Aside from a rug, you can also add a silk velvet throw pillow or two to add depth and luxury to your couch or armchair.




Pops of color are essential when you’re creating a comfortable, inviting space for friends and family to gather.


A History

Whether you spend every Saturday morning religiously antiquing, or just head to the occasional yard sale in search of a hidden treasure, you can’t deny how great it feels to find the perfect vintage table, antique photograph, or diamond-in-the-rough rug.




And that’s because these pieces tell a story. It’s possible they adorned the houses of those who came before us, or may have been handmade in a unique way with locally-sourced materials.


When your home features furniture and decor with a history, you’re helping to share those special stories, customs, and memories with your own friends and family. All decor serves to amplify your home’s aesthetic, but choosing vintage and/or antique statement pieces adds an element of heart and emotion. That’s one of the reasons we can’t say enough about Orientalist Home’s refurbished vintage rug selection, including favorites like the Moroccan Wedding Blankets and this multi-color vintage patchwork carpet.




Don’t forget to scour your local thrift store to find bargain antique armoires, fine china, and other moving touches. Oh, and take some time every weekend to rummage through a handful of yard and estate sales near your own home. You’ll be amazed at what you will find with a little digging.


The beauty is in the details, so start building your collection of home decor that is both attractive and interesting. If you’re looking for a statement piece to build from, browse Orientalist Home’s amazing, inspiring selection and then add additional decor from there.





Images used with permission, courtesy of www.bigstock.com and www.dreamstime.com

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