9 Steps to Make Your Home Zen

Create your own perfect space.

By Jessica Wing


With all the crazy stress of everyday life, creating a Zen space in your home can be a life-changing endeavor. It can actually change your entire attitude! When talking about interior design, Zen means harmony, balance, and relaxation. Couldn't everyone use more of those the things in their lives? I know I sure could. You can help make your house a better Zen space with these easy steps.


1. While decorating, focus on using earth tones.

They’re easier to match, and usually don’t clash with each other. The harmony between the colors will help to calm and relax you. You should pick one main color to use as a base, and focus the rest around your main choice.




2. While a wood floor is great for those of us who hate vacuuming, to have your Zen space, you need to put something soft at your feet.

This will help you feel more relaxed than a hard surface does. If you choose to go with carpet, this can reinforce the cozy feeling of being wrapped in softness.




3. You should try to stick to soft or natural lighting.

This can include adding windows if you have the budget for it. Try to avoid having a harsh light from the ceiling. Instead try to use a variety of lamps and even candles. If you spend time reading at night, mounted wall lights next to the bed are a great way to go as well.




4. As far as furniture is concerned, go for natural and simple.

Remember, when creating your Zen space, less is usually more. If you are using cabinets or storage containers, you can positron then to match the room. Try to use natural or organic fabrics like mohair. If you want to add a reading nook, choose a simple arm chair and book stand. You can even go as far as covering your books in earth-toned papers.




5. Keep decorations to a minimum.

Again, less is more. If your house is clean and uncluttered, it will help you to better relax.




6. You should also focus on naturally enhancing the scent of your space.

You can do this with flowers in a simple vase, or with scented candles or essential oil diffusers. Whichever you choose, just place it in an inconspicuous spot, and let it work its magic.




7. Electronics are a huge distraction.

Whether it’s a phone or TV, you should try to remove it from your Zen space. You can’t relax if you’re constantly clicking or swiping. If you can’t do without your TV, at least make sure to hide the wires. You can also put your TV in a cabinet and close its doors when you’re not watching anything.




8. Putting plants in your house will not only help bring balance, but it will also help as a natural way to clean the air in your house.

Plants will bring a nice pop of green to any room. But before you choose any, keep in mind that some require a lot of maintenance or have overbearing smells.




9. I feel like I’m always talking about clutter, but a big step to gaining a Zen space is eliminating clutter.

You can’t relax if your house is full of junk. Take the time to have a serious look at all of your stuff, and toss out anything you don’t need. Try to do it with an impartial eye. If you’re on the fence about an item, put it aside for a set amount of time. If you don’t use it during that time, then you’ll know you should probably get rid of it.




Having a Zen space in your house away from the stress of everyday life will help calm your mind. These nine easy steps should go a long way toward helping you create your own perfect space.



Images used with permission, courtesy of www.bigstock.com and www.dreamstime.com

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