Are You Snow-Ready? 5 Things to Keep Handy for the Big Storm​​​​​​​

Tackle the winter by keeping these five things on-hand.

By Tina Jepson


Sure, snow days can be fun for kids and adults, but they also take a bit of work — especially if you’re the one responsible for snow removal. Ensure you’re ready to tackle the winter weather by keeping these five things on-hand:


1. Snow-Removal Supplies

When snow is in the forecast, don’t forget to bring your most necessary snow-removal supplies inside. The last thing you want to do is ease your way out of a first-story window because you can’t open your front door to get your shovel. (I’d like to say this hasn’t happened to me before, but I’d be lying.)




Stockpile the following in your foyer:


• A shovel or two

• Ice scraper

• Portable heater

• Rock salt


As the snow begins to fall, you’ll have everything you need on-hand without needing to venture out to the shed or your car.


2. Clothes Station

It’s not just kids who track wet, muddy snow boots, and saturated clothing into the house after a few hours outside in the snow. Adults are guilty of it as well!


But leaving your shoes on the doormat is a trip-hazard, and sweaty, soggy clothes left to sit start to get funky fast.


If you don’t have hooks in your foyer, remedy this by setting up a quick and easy drying and laundry station with the following:


• A basket by the door to capture wet clothing and towels




• Plastic shoe rack or large trash bag to dry boots and everything else that may be re-used later in the day, such as mittens and hats.




A little forethought goes a long way in ensuring your house remains clean and dirty, wet clothing is confined to one space.


3. Good Quality Doormats

While it may seem like an extraneous purchase, good quality doormats are a godsend during a winter snowstorm. They help to keep dirt, snow, and other outside debris from your home. And luckily, you don’t have to skimp on style to get a high-performance mat.




Choose one with a textured surface that has a rubber backing so the mat sticks firmly to the floor. Some of the best doormats on the market are made of recycled plastic and olefin, and most come in aesthetically pleasing designs guaranteed to add an extra bit of pizzazz to your entryway.


4. Portable Heater

In the winter and especially during a substantial snowfall, portable heaters come in handy.


Whether they are used to thaw frozen pipes, add some extra warmth to your kid’s rooms when temperatures drop, or to dry wet boots, portable heaters are necessary winter tools well worth their cost.




5. Fun-Gear

At the end of a long snow day, it’s just as important to have fun as it is to remove it all! If you have kids, then they’ve probably spent most of the day sledding and sculpting their own versions of Olaf the snowman. So, after you’ve shoveled, snow-blowed, and scraped until your back and arms are sore, take it easy by joining in on the winter shenanigans.


Properly prepare to get in on the action by ensuring your winter fun-gear, including sleds, skis, buckets, and snowman accessories are ready. If you don’t have a sled, grab a laundry basket, air mattress or even an old wooden pallet and head to the nearest hill. After all that work, you deserve to relax and have a good laugh!




Handling winter weather is not for the faint of heart. It takes work to effectively remove snow while keeping your home warm and clean at the same time. Before the snow hits, take the time to prepare so you’re ready to go the moment it starts falling. And at the end of the day, remember to take it easy. You deserve it!



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