Incorporate the Natural World Inside Your Own Home

Add more zen to your home's interior design with furniture by Patrick Cain Designs.

By Tina Jepson 
With inspiration from Patrick Cain Designs


Sitting in seemingly never-ending traffic, at a meeting that’s lasted an hour too long, or at yet another mommy-baby playgroup, it’s natural to crave our own isolated, safe, and cozy home.


Let’s face it, life gets busy. Which is why it’s so important to feel comfortable in our space. It’s the one place we have in this world that is all ours. It’s where we relax, unwind, and pamper ourselves — our own personal oasis of sorts.




What are you doing to make your home a place where you can unwind and rejuvenate?

If you haven’t already, begin incorporating elements of the natural world inside your own home's interior design. Fresh air, sunlight, tree leaves blowing in a light, warm wind… These are the very “things” we crave when we’re sad, stressed, or looking for simplicity.  All these natural elements go a long way in helping make homes more inviting and livable.




Of course, adding natural elements to your home doesn’t just mean putting out a few plants and opening your windows. It also means infusing your space with simple, nature-made and nature-inspired materials — precisely like the work of our friend and furniture designer, Patrick Cain of Patrick Cain Designs (PCD).


Let’s dive into some ways you can easily and affordably incorporate the natural world inside your own home using inspiration from PCD.




Use Natural Materials Found Outside

To incorporate nature into your home, start by using materials found outdoors such as wood and natural fiber -- or even concrete!


We all swoon over old hardwood floors because they’re beautiful and stand the test of time. But they are also a great feature because they exude a soft, pure vibe. Installing hardwood flooring is a perfect way to bring the outdoors inside in a practical way.




If new flooring isn’t in the budget, then all’s not lost! Furniture is another way to add a touch of nature to your abode. We absolutely love Patrick Cain’s beautiful, nature-inspired furniture pieces, including everything from desks to end tables and benches. Even more impressive is his focus on sustainability. Many of PCD’s most popular pieces feature up-cycled and recycled wood to both maintain aesthetic beauty and ensure environmentally-friendly sourcing. If you’re looking to mimic nature but prefer to steer away from wood,  check out  this table, which uses post-consumer recycled materials and copper plating. It’s the perfect piece for a nature lover and environmentalist.




Other natural elements such as raw fibers can also contribute to a more comfortable living environment. Fabrics made of cotton, linen, and bamboo add a soft vibe perfect for window treatments and throw blankets. Even subtle prints that allude to nature are a great way to add warmth; such as PCD's Oakland-Holstein - a concrete table with a cowhide print.




Position the Right Furniture in the Correct Place

Nature, in and of itself, is orderly. Thus, furniture splattered about in a chaotic way doesn’t help you retain a sense of peace in your house.


You need order, and order requires a plan. So if you’re ready to get cracking, start with Patrick Cain’s idea of less is more and declutter your space. Once you’re working with a clean slate, position your furniture in a way so conversation can flow freely and extra “stuff” doesn’t accumulate.  




Choose furniture pieces that feature simple, clean lines like those in PCD's Frisco series. Nesting tables are a great options because you have more or less table space depending on your immediate needs.




The more storage you have available, the more things you collect on and in it. To stay natural and pure, focus on simplistic, modern design elements.


Focus on Small Touches

Sometimes, it’s the small, simple touches that give the biggest “wow” factor. As you round out your natural space, try some of these quick and easy tips.


Natural light is an essential component of “going natural.” Aside from using natural fiber window treatments, remember to open those curtains to let in the light whenever possible and especially if that window is southern-facing.




Use soft, warm light bulbs and unobtrusive fixtures. When in doubt, consider recessed lighting.




Don’t forget to put your home decor to work. Choose details like PCD’s stylish, sustainable-wood Sullivan bookends to add a touch of nature to everyday necessities.




Less is More When Bringing it all Indoors

Follow the lead of the talented Patrick Cain and bring a touch of the natural world into your living space. Enjoy simple, modern designs with splashes of natural wood and recycled materials. Bring your home to life with proper lighting, practical home decor, and a clutter-free environment.  





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