4 Big Winter Sales You Don’t Know About

Lesser-known annual winter sales

By Stephanie Hell


We’re all familiar with winter white sales when sheets can be had at up to half-off the price they’ll be in spring. Taking advantage of these sales is a no-brainer, and stocking up on sheets during the winter will save hundreds of dollars in the long run, especially if you’re covering several beds. But there are also some other lesser-known annual winter sales where savings can be had on big-ticket items that everybody needs in their homes.


1. Mattresses

Statistics show that when a customer returns a mattress they’ve purchased, the majority of these unhappy customers originally bought the mattress online. So you’re better off schlepping over to the actual brick-and-mortar mattress store where you can buy brand new mattresses for up to 50-60% off during the winter.


If you’ve been putting off changing out that old mattress (which gets more laden with dead skin every year), winter is a great time to buy a new one. Another tip when mattress shopping: The most expensive version of the luxury mattress you’ve had your eye on is always up front in the showroom, so don’t neglect to check what’s available in the back of the store too.




2. Furniture

During the winter, indoor furniture stores are trying to clear out inventory in preparation for their next big selling season, which usually starts around late-April. So you can find some pretty big savings on indoor furniture if you buy during the winter. Whether you shop online or in person, you’ll find some amazing deals to help you replace that dilapidated old sofa and scratched-up coffee table.


The only exception to this sales tip is upholstered furniture, which apparently has a different season entirely. But furniture without fabric is often being sold on the cheap during winter. And if you shop at small businesses that sell brand names, you’ll have a good chance of being able to negotiate a better deal on the already discounted prices. Don’t be afraid to ask a salesperson, “What’s the lowest price you’re willing to take?”




3. Humidifiers

Your dry and cracked skin is trying to tell you something. In its own delicate way, your skin and hair are revolting against the dry air spewing from your home’s furnace. But it’s easy to remedy this situation by adding moisture to the air in your house with a humidifier. And as an added bonus, moist air absorbs heat better than dry air, so a humidifier can actually give your furnace and heating bills a break.




When buying a humidifier, you’ll want to look into its features and find out how much square footage it can cover. A humidity level of 30-50% is ideal for the air inside your home, but humidifiers that can adequately create that environment in your home are a bit larger and more expensive than your typical model. However, during the winter, you can often find these bigger humidifiers on sale for up to 70% off the usual price. And the break a big humidifier can give your furnace may cover its cost in just one winter.


4. Paint

Most paint contractors will tell you they save up all year to get through their meager time, which is winter. The tools of their trade also experience their biggest sales of the year during winter, so this is an ideal time to find the colors you want to use to spruce up the living room and kitchen.




And the slick glossy paint you’ll need for the bathroom can be had at a fraction of the cost it’ll be in early spring when customers are clamoring for new colors after the drab winter is finally over. Even if you’re just looking to patch up the oh-so-unfortunate-marker-on-the-wall incident, most stores can match the color from a swatch or chip from the existing color and about half the cost.



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