Seven Perfect Projects to Bust the Winter Blahs

Become a zen master with these home improvement projects.

By Benjamin St. Jacques


Homeowners don’t usually think of winter as the ideal time to tackle home projects. It’s dark, cold, and let’s face it, we may not be feeling so motivated (especially when a warm bed is so inviting). Most of us will wait until spring to start on the “to-do” list. Landscaping, building a deck, exterior painting, replacing the roof, and so many other projects require sunny, warm weather.


However, there are home improvement projects that you can tackle yourself during the coldest months of the year. Try any of these suggestions to improve your home and your mood during the coldest months.


Give Your Walls Some Wow

As long as you’re going to be at home staring at the walls, you might as well love the walls you’re staring at. Winter is the perfect time to put some new paint on the walls. Freshen up existing color, go bold with a vibrant new color, or add some interesting patterns.


Young man with happy smile painting the wall


Make a Splash

A backsplash, that is. Putting in a new backsplash behind the kitchen sink or stove is the ideal option for a winter project. Tile can be relatively inexpensive and, depending how big the area is, you can probably finish the job in a weekend. Even if you don’t touch anything else in your kitchen a new backsplash will give the entire room an updated look.


Worker sets tiles on the wall in the kitchen


Try Some New Window Treatments

This one is almost too easy not to do. Simply putting up some new curtains or window shades can transform a room. And if you are getting new curtains, then make sure they’re insulated. That way you’re improving your home’s looks and keeping it warmer and more energy-efficient at the same time. 


Man installing curtains


Freshen Up Your Floors

Your floors put up with a lot of abuse this time of year. Heavy winter boots track in snow and salt for months. Could it be time for new carpet? Could your hardwood floors stand some refinishing, or a fresh coat of stain? Maybe you even want to install entirely new floors. But if that all seems like a bit much, then just putting down a few new area rugs could make a world of difference.  


Happy couple moving into new home carrying rug


Let in Some Light

At the time of year when natural light is scarce, it makes sense to make sure your home is as bright as possible. Take a look around each room to assess the lighting situation. Where can you stand to have some more lighting? You could install some new ceiling fixtures, or maybe just a few well-placed table lamps will do the trick. Maybe it’s as simple as installing some brighter lightbulbs.




Bring the Outdoors Inside

With everything cold and gray outside, you may want to bring some color inside. You can easily do that with house plants. House plants look great, stay green and provide a lively pop of color during the winter months. Also, certain house plants, such as the Boston fern, English ivy and the soothingly-named peace lily are all varieties of plant that will beautify your home and clean the indoor air at the same time.


Yellow Living room with green plants and carpet.


Take Care of Your Furniture Fix

If you do plan to spend most of your time on the couch over the winter, why not get a fabulous new couch? It will improve the look of your living room or den and give you some extra comfort. Already have the couch of your dreams? Get a new dining room set where the family can gather for warm and hearty meals. If large furniture isn’t in your budget, then maybe invest in a few accent pieces like a side table or small chair to give any room just the right touch.




Hopefully you’re now inspired to tackle some home improvements this winter. Any of the suggestions above will make your home look great and, just as important, help you feel great.



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