DIY Projects for Getting Organized While Going Green

DIY organizational projects that are sustainable and simple.

By Jessica Wing


Almost everyone will end up with old cans and other unconventional crafty items around their house. It’s easy to just toss these items into the trash or recycling bin, but you could be missing out on awesome do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. DIY projects are a great way to save money and organize your house in the process. I'm here to help you convert “junk” into awesome decorations and organization tools!


Tin cans


Can You Be Creative?

Our family goes through quite a few tin cans, and I started feeling guilty about how much trash our cans created, so I spent an afternoon looking for potential projects to reuse them. One of the best ones I found is a silverware caddy. You just remove the label from six cans. Paint them whatever color you prefer. Nail the cans to a piece of wood (it only needs to be about an inch thick and cut to the size of the cans) that is similarly painted. Use bracket nails and rope to create a handle. Then, you just put the silverware in the cans and carry it with you. It is perfect if you do a lot of picnics or outdoor cooking.


Another project for old cans is an indoor herb garden. Just make sure to rinse the cans out before planting in them. You can paint the cans or use washi tape to spruce them up. Not only will this cut down on your trash, it will also cut down on your grocery bill. You will have fresh herbs ready to go whenever you need them. If your herb garden takes off, you can use a dehydrator for more long term storage.


Fresh Herbs In Recycled Cans


You can also use cans in your bathroom. I used the glue gun to glue decorative rocks to the outside of the can and then spray paint them. As soon as it dries, you have a toothbrush, comb, or make up brush holder.


Bathroom Decorating

If you own a hot glue gun, your crafting possibilities are basically endless. I am not a huge fan of having toilet paper on display on the back of the toilet. One weekend, I took a hot glue gun, some yarn, and a box. I wrapped the entire box in yarn, hot gluing along the way. The box then matched the bathroom. A crafty box can either go next to the toilet or right on the back with toilet paper inside. It helps make the bathroom clutter at least look cuter.


Spa accessories, bath bombs, natural soaps in the box


A second bathroom project involves PVC pipe. If you cut the PVC pipe and screw it either to the inside of the cabinets or the cabinet doors, it can hold hair dryers, straighteners, and hair clippers. If you have girls, you know just how many hair care products can end up in the bathroom.


Beautify Your Bag Bundle

I think almost every house has a plastic bag full of other plastic bags somewhere. I have tried so many different methods to organize this and finally found two I like. The first method is a bit time consuming, but it makes the bags super small which is great on saving space. You just fold the bags like a paper football! Then you can throw your plastic bag footballs in a drawer or box until you need them. The second method is to have a container that you just shove the bags in. You can use ribbon or paint to improve the look of your bag container.




DIY projects are one of my favorite ways to stay organized while also helping the environment. They’re also a fun way to involve the entire family in cleaning and organizing. Your family members can put their own personal touches on all of their projects. I hope you enjoy taking what you have learned and use it to spruce up your house!



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