Helpful Tips for Small Space Living

Conquer your small space with these home organization tips.

By Simone McKenzie


Living in a small space comes with its rewards and challenges. For one, having a small space forces you to limit your decorative options to what’s really important and to what items you truly love.


When living in a small space, you’re forced to ask yourself, do I really need this and where will I fit it? Fortunately, there are a few tweaks and tricks to living in a small space.


Use Your Illusion

The use of mirrors is helpful in making a tiny space feel larger. Using a mirror along a narrow hallway will give the illusion that the space is bigger. Another trick is putting up multiple mirrors in the same room.




Hanging curtains as high as possible is another trick for having a space feel larger. Having the rod extend wider than the window is a good idea.


When decorating, take a vertical approach. Use items that will take the eyes up. For example, use shelves that stack high.


Contemporary living room with sofa and minimalist bookcase


Form and Function

Use area rugs to define space and functionality. Rugs can carve out space in a room separating the lounge area from the dining room.




When it comes to small spaces, form and function are key. For example, use furniture that pulls double-duty. That ottoman that seats guests can also be a storage bin or serve as a coffee table.


Contemporary white living room with ottoman


Coloring Nooks

When selecting mainstay pieces like the sofa, try to stay within a neutral palette and save the accent pieces for pillows and throws that you can switch out.


Interior design with couch sofa with colorful cushions pillows


Perhaps the one most vital element that can’t be overlooked for a small space is paint color. Opt for rooms steeped in a neutral palette. A neutral paint will open the space making it feel less cramped. Neutral paint colors will help give the room a light and airy feel.


When it comes to furnishing a small space, avoid bulky and large furniture that can contribute to a room feeling heavy. In addition to taking up too much space, large furniture breaks up the flow of a room and limits mobility.


Small living room


Living in a small space takes ingenuity and creative thinking. It requires being rigorous when selecting furniture and items for your space. At the same time, it calls for pieces that can be versatile and multi-functioning.



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