5 Ideas to Re-Invent Your Home Decor

A little can go a long way when re-doing your home decor.

Who doesn’t like a little variety in home decor? Big changes can be overwhelming, but adding some spice to your home doesn’t have to be a headache or an intimidating ordeal. Sometimes all you need is a great imagination and a few simple tools. You might be surprised how much is variety is already right underneath your nose. You just have to know where to look for it. Here are five fun ideas to get you on your way to adding that fresh spin to your home.


Change the Lighting

Sometimes, adjusting or replacing just one element of a room can make a huge difference. Adding a new lamp to a dark corner can give the room new depth, and highlight elements that might have been hidden before. A new lampshade, or even a colored light bulb could be the difference between a warm family room and a cozy bachelor pad. Light is a powerful tool. Sometimes the subtlest touch can give a room a fresh, new feel.


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Find New Textures

Does your living room need a make-over? Instead of embarking on a big paint job or buying brand new furniture, why not try a subtle change? If your budget allows it, re-upholstering a couch or chair can add exciting new textures to your living room. Additional textures can be added by laying out a new rug, or hanging up designer art on the walls to create variance and layers as well. 


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Add New Colors

The eye's attention is captivated by strong colors and the depth created by shadows. You can buy new subtle accents for your home, or you can also repurpose the furniture you already have. Re-upholstery varies texture and color; re-finishing cabinets can add new hues and colors to interact with what is already in the room. Of course, when choosing new colors, keep in mind the relationship between complimentary colors and color tones. Go back to your original color swatches and compare your new ideas. A new color, if carefully picked, can add an amazing splash to a tired room.


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Are you a collector? Do you have piles of old cans or bottle caps lying around? A great way to add variance, and personality, to your home is creating something that tastefully expresses yourself. This isn’t hard to do, and can super simple. Pick one of your favorite mugs from the kitchen and use it to hold flowers in the living room.  You can create murals or wall hangings out of old soda cans. You can also use them to ornament the molding of a basement "man cave." Never forget what’s at your fingertips, and let the arts and crafts fly.




Reduce Clutter

While adding new characteristics to a home is the go-to option for making things feel fresh and new, taking things away can have a similar effect. Remove a chair or table for a more minimal effect. Or simply re-arrange the furniture in method. Maybe the sitting room could use one less chair, but you’ve been looking for a way to incorporate a seat into the upstairs bedroom. Knowing what you have is important, and re-evaluating how you use it can lead to some exciting and unique interior designs. Plus, you don’t have to purchase anything that’s not already in the house to begin with!




A little can go a long way when re-doing your home decor. Whether its new colors, new textures, or a new empty space, these five tips will help you add a fresh new touch to the home you love. 


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