Woman Cave Ideas for Discerning Designing Women

Everyone can use a little lounge all to themselves. Looking to establish a "cave" of your own? If so, here are a few essentials to get you started.

For decades, we have referred to that garage workroom or basement hideout as the "Man Cave." It's the sanctuary where the boys go to play video games or watch the game alone. The "Man Cave" idea has grown over the last few decades to include its own design aesthetic, complete with furnishings and accessories tailored for it specifically. Yet, as much as we know and love the idea of a man cave, we can't forget the women. Everyone needs a space to lounge and recuperate. "Caves" are a relaxing getaway in the home for any and everyone, just not at the same time. Are you interested in starting a cave of your own, ladies? If so, here are a few essentials we recommend to get you started. 


The Room



Where you choose to locate your woman cave is up to you, but we suggest making it separate, personal, and comfy. Think an upstairs study or basement spare room. One of the key aspects of a "cave" is privacy and security. So, don’t even think of choosing just a corner of the garage. Find a space you can call yours, and you can feel completely free in. Clear away any clutter that is not your clutter. Drape the walls in a fabric or with designs that inspire you. A characteristic of many "caves" is that they feel cozy and warm, with corners to duck into and hide away in. However, if you would rather have an open, cool-colored area, go for it. The most important thing is that the space fills your needs, and it is structured in a way that allows you to relax. 


The Desk or Workstation



Everyone needs a desk of their own, and we aren't talking about organized business desks here. Classic man caves have desks or storage trunks full of comic books, action figures, and video games. Your "cave" desk should be one full of items that calm you down and make you happy. You need a place to journal, read, and create. While building your own desk may sound like too large a task, you can still personalize whatever you choose and make it your own. You have the option to stencil a few of your favorite sayings onto a bare wooden desk or craft a makeshift desk out of a pile of firm pillows and small containers. You can let the desk hold the important knick-knacks you'll need when you retreat to your "woman cave," but also be a storage area to control your clutter. 


The Sofa



A place to lounge is essential for a "cave."  While a bed or a chair are options, a sofa can give you both, plus the additional space to entertain if you ever want to invite friends to lounge with you. If you want a bed in the room, it may be worth investing in a sleeper sofa, which you can fold out into a bed for a nice nap or a futon. If you're hoping to shop for a new sofa at a high-end store, it's good to know which styles best fulfill your aesthetic and needs. The Lawson, English, and Tuxedo are the coziest types of sofas. The Lawson has higher arms and is the deepest design, making it perfect for stacking and storing pillows and cushions. The English and Lawson are more formal designs, but sturdier. Another common "cave" option is the futon. a quilted mattress placed over a configurable wood or metal frame which often flattens out into a bed. 


The Fridge



Food is a great relaxer. Whether it's a nice cold beer while you unwind with your buddies, a glass of wine at the end of the day, or a tasty snack, a fridge can provide an extra touch of home to your "cave." When picking a fridge, think a little beyond than just food. Small fridges come in many shapes and sizes, so try to pick something stylish and fun, even multi-functional. A glass door fridge can serve as a muted light in a dark corner, while a shorter fridge can make a nice, sleek shelf to display accessories. Some fridges are designed to appear like accessories of their own, such as a Coke can or Marshall guitar amp. The fridge is definitely an area where you can have some fun with your options and let your personality shine. 


The Shelf



The most important thing to remember about a shelf is that it can hold a plethora of items. When you retreat, you want all you might need for a comfortable few hours at your fingertips. Do you love board games? Is there a collection you want to display? Put it on a shelf! And not only can shelves hold many things, they come in a variety of sizes and styles too, so you're guaranteed to find something that can add to the ambiance of your "cave." Shelves also have a more display-oriented nature then cabinets since they have no doors, inspiring storage that is presentational rather than scattered or cluttered. From DIY boards mounted on the wall to upright bookcases, shelves are a great way to organize and stockpile to your heart's content. 





This point is short and sweet. The phrase "cave" implies a dark, cozy space. Whether you're in a garage or a spare room, everyone can benefit from some pillows to lounge on and bury themselves in after a long day. If you're looking for a sturdier surface, try buckwheat or memory foam, while down, feather, and cotton pillows can add the perfect resting place while you read, nap, or watch your favorite show. Pillows are also a great way to add extra splashes or color or texture to your "cave."

Images used with permission, courtesy of www.bigstock.com and www.dreamstime.com

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