Five Ideas to Maximize the Usage of Your Garage

Most homeowners see their garage as simply a parking space for their car, but this shouldn't be the extent of your garage usage. Chances are there's excess room that can be utilized for the storage of items like lawnmowers or toolboxes. Don’t sell yourself short with an under-used garage. Here are five easy ideas to demonstrate the potential of this space in your home.



Storage Space

Even if your garage is crowded with cars, mowers, and tools, there will still some space available for storage. In most garages, the entire perimeter can be outfitted with shelves. If you find your perimeters too thin, try installing hooks for your garden tools and other gear. Hang some racks from the ceiling to find even more storage space. Ceiling racks can easily hold bins full of seasonal clothing or holiday decorations which is the perfect solution for storing items that you only use in specific times of the year.



Coat the Floor

Typically, garage floors are not the most cleanly place in the home. They take a serious beating all year long, and if it snows, they get coated in harsh materials like salt. No matter where you live, your vehicles are constantly tracking in exterior elements, causing serious wear and tear. A coating of epoxy can change this and prevent any real structural damage from occurring. Epoxy is a type of liquid rubber that is poured over concrete and hardens as a sealant. It can look quite stylish. Once dried it becomes so strong that it's virtually indestructible. If you’re having second thoughts about using your garage floor for storage, Epoxy is a good solution that won't be an eyesore. 



Move the Mudroom

If you live somewhere warm, there’s really no reason for the mudroom to be cluttering your home. A bench in your garage can accommodate some extra storage, while giving your guests a place to sit and clean off before going inside. Try mounting some hooks, or a rack, for jackets and hats. As long as it’s not positioned near your vehicles, you can maintain a pristine garage that doubles as a miniature foyer for those muddy, rainy days.




If you’re bundling up just to set foot into your garage, you may want to consider insulating it. Insulating your garage will not only make it warmer, but it will motivate you to utilize the space more often. You can add a workbench, desk, or even workout equipment for a small home gym. Insulating your garage will also help you conserve money, since the area will retain heat more efficiently. By cutting down on how much heat escapes through the thin walls, you'll be able to save some valuable dollars. Without insulation, the large garage doors can suck large amounts of heat out of your home, wasting all that money you spent making the garage more livable.




Finally, a fun paint job can change the way you think about any space, including your garage. A smart garage painting tip is to choose the complementary color to your home’s exterior. This contrast can add a great visual layer to your property. Your garage's interior can also contrast its outer color. Then when the garage door is opens, it will provide a fun, visual contrast to anyone who's coming over. 



Don't let your garage be an underrated area of your home. If you consider the points above, not only can you get more from your garage functionally, but you’ll find it more visually appealing, too. On top of it all, renovating your garage will also increase the  if you want a truly awesome house, you’re going to need a fantastic garage to match.

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