Easy Tips for Making a Small Space Feel Larger

When you're living in a small space, the little details matter most. Small rooms can have an uncomfortable and confining feeling, but with the implementation of certain design concepts, you can fool the eye and give your home interior the appearance of being much more spacious than it actually is.


Space Everything Out in the Room

Shoving your furniture against the wall will not necessarily make your room will look larger. Consider keeping your bed in an angular position or go back to the tried and tested trick of ‘floating’ the living room sofa by placing a skinny console at the rear. Having a bit of breathing room around the furniture makes it look as if there is more space than if everything were shoved together.




Paint in Lighter Hues

While dark colors are often considered to be more design-friendly, they shrink the perceived size of a space. When designing rooms in a small house, it is preferable to stick with light or pale colors. Soft blues, grays, creams, and whites will give the room an open, airy feel and highlight the light already in the room.




Use Multifunctional Pieces

It is a good idea to invest in furniture that serves numerous functions. This is one of the simplest ways to give your room a streamlined appearance while maximizing storage space. An ottoman with built-in storage or a vintage steamer trunk to tuck away the not-so-important books and blankets will give your room a simple, clean appearance.





Mirrors are another quick way to add a larger-than-life appearance in your room. If a wall-to-wall mirror doesn't fit your aesthetic, mount or lean an oversized full-length mirror in a prominent place. You could also consider hanging multiple ones, as you might see in a salon, to create a unique wall design. Since mirrors are one of the easiest and most diverse tools when creating the illusion of expanded space, let’s explore a few specific options of how to use them.




Grouped Together

Larger mirrors tend to be expensive and small homes don’t have the space to mount wall hangings of that size. Smaller mirrors can be easily obtained from thrift or discount stores, which are more likely to have cost-effective deals. Grouping these frames, and painting them a uniform color, will create an organized, clutter-free look for your space. This solution avoids the cumbersome cost and nature of many larger options, while giving you a similar sized reflection.




Behind the Stove

While mirrors behind a stove are prone to getting a little greasy, it does not take much effort to clean them up. The space behind your stove-top is usually one of the darker places in your kitchen. With the help of a small mirror, any available light will be bounced around, making it easier for you to work, and making the place more pleasant and enjoyable to work in.




Along Front Cabinets

While this trick can be used in a number of places around your home, the kitchen is the ideal location for this mirror project. Glue small, mirrored tiles along the front of your cabinets to reflect more light and create a sense of space throughout the kitchen. You can do this either on the top or bottom of cabinets. Both effects visually enlarge the space.

Once you have placed your mirrors or taken up other measures to enhance the perception of space in your home, throw a party for your friends to test the waters. It won’t take much time for word to get around that your small living space has suddenly become enlarged, as if by magic!



Images used with permission, courtesy of www.bigstock.com and www.dreamstime.com

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