Maximizing Storage Space in a Rental

If you are a renter, the storage in your kitchen, bathroom, and closet spaces may not be enough for all your items. Check out these helpful tips to maximize your storage options

Over the last decade, the number of people in the United States who rent their homes has risen by over 8 million. While home ownership is still more popular than renting, those numbers are falling fast as the millennial generation moves toward adulthood. This trend has many people exploring how to create personalized, comfortable spaces while staying within manageable rental guidelines. Most of the time, drastic changes won’t be allowed on your lease, which may be limiting when it comes to storage. Here are some tips to help you maximize the storage spaces in your rental home.


The Kitchen



Maximizing storage in the kitchen is simple. Most kitchens are abundant with unused space, waiting to be filled with gadgets and décor. Be aware of empty walls and corners. You may have many cabinets that take up a lot of the space, but the wall space between these cabinets and the countertop can mean extra storage. Installing shelves or hooks here gives you space to store spices, dinnerware, or extra linens. A pegboard is also a great place to hang utensils, pots, and pans for easy access.


Open kitchen cabinet


The inside of your cabinet doors is another place to add extra storage areas. Explore special hooks designed specifically for cookware lids or serving dishes, or consider hanging a series of baskets or a shower caddy to hold spices, utensils, and cleaning items. If there's a corner that isn’t being used, add a portable kitchen island with wheels. When you need it, wheel it into the center of the room for extra counter space and storage. Then it can easily be stored back in the corner if you need more floor space. Empty space by the end cabinets can be used to hang extra cookware or linens. This is also a great place to mount a metal surface, like a baking sheet, or create a magnetic Use furniture not necessarily designated for the kitchen. Shallow bookshelves can add extra “pantry” space in a small kitchen, and desk organizers placed inside cabinets and drawers help keep dishes and utensils organized.


The Bathroom



Bathrooms may lack surface area in rental homes, particularly in apartments or duplexes. Consider the walls of the bathroom for extra storage options. Walls above and around the toilet are a good place to mount shelves. Hanging baskets are a unique storage method to add some variety, and lining the entire room with racks or shelves just below the crown molding adds lots of new space for hair dryers and other accessories. You may need a stool to reach the tallest shelves, but for many renters, this is a simple way to keep the bathroom free of clutter. Many bathrooms also have odd corners and unused nooks that you can use to your advantage. Tall, narrow shelves such as CD racks and spice cabinets are perfect for storing toilet paper and makeup.


Closet Space



Small closets may be frustrating, but you can take advantage of every inch. Portable shelves are a nice option and can be found in many sizes to fit inside your closet. Adding a rolling wardrobe hanging rack can create another layer of space for storing clothes. Shoe organizers hung over the doorway get shoes off the floor and out of sight. If you don’t love the look of plastic shoe sleeves, consider placing your shoes on a shelf in your room or under your bed. 


Walk in closet with organized clothing

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